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27 November, 2005

Jeff and Dabido Floor Another Room

Here are some pictures of my mother's room - complete with MOLD from under the carpet. BEFORE: Ripping Up Moldy Carpet Back To Cement Black Plastic Stage Underlay Stage Finshed Room My brother Jeff and I did a lot of work - in order to fool my mother, we visited her TWICE today. First in the morning, and then secondly at night after Jeff had done her washing for her. The Guy in the pictures is Jeff. Decided to make him famous. We also waited till after twelve before starting as it was a Sunday and we didn't want to disturb the neighbours with the circular saw going. We also made a picket fence for part of the house. I hope my mother appreciates it all. I am very p!$$3d off with something which happened today though. My sister and her husband KNOWS that Jeff and I are doing the hallway etc as well, and tonight he volunteered to my mother to BUY and INSTALL the floor. Now I know that they KNOW I HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT THE FLOORBOARDS BECAUSE I TOLD THEM!!!!!! THEY ALREADY KNOW I AM DOING IT ALL!!!!! SO WHY THE FRIG PRETEND TO VOLUNTEER FOR SOMETHING THEY ALREADY KNOW IS BEING DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can tell you why! So they can say they volunteered WHEN THEY FRIGGIN KNEW THERE WASN"T A FRIGGIN NEED TO! Well, a lot of it has to do with their friggin' sanguine nature! They love being the centre of attention and they FRIGGIN' don't like the fact that Jeff and I have done the majority of the friggin' work! I got this baby rolling! For 22 or 23 years this house has had NO PERMANTENT FLOORING!!!!!!! Only stupid second/third/fourth/fifth hand carpet whcih is friggin' filthy and always in need of being cleaned!!! Even though for twenty of those years NOT ONE of my brothers or my sister ever lifted a finger to help my mother around her, or to get her permanent flooring! I returned from Sydney and did it, and now my SISTER and HER HUSBAND want to look like they friggin' helped or had the idea of doing the friggin' hallway! TOO FRIGGIN" LATE! I WAS THERE FIRST!!!! And as Jeff said, in a year or TWO my sister and her Husband will CLAIM THE WHOLE THING AS THEIR IDEA AND NO ONE WILL REMEMBER WHO DID THE FRIGGIN" THING! WHen I heard of him making the offer WHEN HE FRIGGIN' KNEW I WAS ALREADY DOING IT, I was so p!$$3d off, I said to Jeff that I felt like going back to Sydney, as everything I have ever done in this family gets put down somehow! In this case, the flooring will get recycled and as Jeff said, in TEN YEARS my sister and husband will claim they actually did the work! I am so friggin' sick of this crap happening. Nothing is ever good enough, nothing is appreciated. I was so happy in Sydney! WHY WHY WHY? Why DID I RETURN TO THIS!!!!? Oh, that's right, i thought some of them might have grown up a little ... but they haven't. They still have their stupid petty jealousy things going. It's probably a little hard to explain, but Jeff knows what I am talking about. Everything I do somehow is insignficant or someone else takes credit for it. Plus my mother always friggin' forgets. Jeff thinks she is going mad. (Thank goodness I am already crazy ... no where else to go but sane from here!!!) :-) I better find all the litle errors etc i made and fix them, because the next step is having the sister and brother inlaw come over and critisize it and say how they would have done it better. It'll happen! It always friggin' does! FRIGGIN' ATTENTION SEEKING SANGUINES! I hate them, they're always trying to force their way into soem lime light that isn't theirs! Jeff & I did this nice thing for my mother and already they're trying to turn it into something it isn't! Anyway, Rant mode finished! Visited my mother in hopital, and was being my usual self making her laugh - and being told off, as she's not allowed to laugh in case the stitches break or something, so I was being told off all the time. I really cracked her up when she was talking about the dogs slipping. She said it was probably their fur, and said it was like us slipping on our hair while walking around. I asked what weird position must you be standing in to be able to walk on your hair? My poor mum couln't stop laughing ... yeah, I probably didnt' tell it to well ... it's one of those spontaneous things and i can't remember my exact words ... but, my poor mum was laughing and trying so hard not to. Then, I sat there trying to bite my friggin' tongue, but all these funny thoughts kept coming into my head. I was so temped to say things, but instead I had to sit their giggling to myself. My mother was talking about ome doco she watched where they were making that new HUGE passenger plane. She was talking about how the different bits are being made in different parts of europe. She was saying the wings are made in Wales. I just burst out in sniggers. I was trying so hard not to say something like: How do they get the wings out? Stick their fingers down the wales throat? Or I bet they have a foreman named Jonah who expects the wings in three days! Or I bet there is a big poster saying, 'Don't operate heavy machinery or heavy mammals when under the influence of alcohol!' I had a million stupid things I wanted to say ... but I wasn't game to! I just kept sniggering and my mother kept telling me off for being an idiot! lol Oh, dear! So hard NOT to say stupid things when there are so many sitters! On the way home, my brother told me that I have no respect for authority and I am always making fun of people being serious and stuff. ROFL. Me??? lol