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26 November, 2005

Finsihed Floors Part II

Carpet and Cement in it's natural wild glory, along with our two doggies, Toby and Elly. Sit! Sit! Sit! Okay, rack off then stupid dogs! Pure unadulterated CEMENT! They build the Coloseum out of this stuff in Rome ... then forgot how to do it and had to re-invent it! I had to clean this back to EXTRA SUPER CLEAN! Next Stage, lay the black plastic down. Add the underlay (Underlay, Underlay Ariba Ariba!) When I was half way through, my youngest brother decided to take a snap shot of the fatman himself (aka ME) :-) THE FINSHED PRODUCT! WOO HOO! Three days work, with other things liek WORK thrown in for good messure. I got my brother Jeff to help me clean up, because frankly I WAS EXHAUSTED!!!! But you knew that from previous posts! :-) No, I won't come to yhour place and do yours!! ROFL!