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28 November, 2005

NaNoWriMo Chapter 23

Mark Fisher sat at his home computer. He was on google searching for porn sites. He was a member of many illicit sites and used his credit cards often to join the sites. He used to refer to this activity as 'research'. Being a film producer, he often found it easy to bed young hopefuls who thought his bed was a quick way into a movie, or a project he was working on. Sometimes, it was. Other times, it was just a way for Mark to abuse his position and get free sex. He was amazed sometimes at how young the girls could be. He also found it funny that often he video taped his conquests. Sometimes, they would pose for him in all sorts of positions. With the ease of technology, his collection had moved digital, along with his equipment to record his collection. On one of his bookshelves he had a complete shelf of CD's and DVD's he had created. Admittedly, a lot of those were ones he had converted from video tape into the digital medium. With his connections though, it was not difficult to hire or borrow equipment for this use though. Today he typed 'Japanese School Girls' into the browser. A small part of him was hoping that Akane's picture had somehow turned up on the net. He was certain her flashing him that night was no accident. He was sure her relationship with Slim, and lately Bob was sure to have generated some form of pornography that the boys would have placed on the Internet in an attempt to brag about their conquest. It never occurred to him that not everyone recorded their conquests like he did. He assumed what he did was all perfectly natural and that everyone did it. He was clicking through the sites. Most of them he already had membership for. In fact, some days it was difficult for him to find a site he did not already have membership with. He was not paying too much attention to the links he was clicking. One of them, labelled paedophile, he missed the title on and just clicked. He was a bit amazed to see it was a listing of male paedophiles in his local area. He decided to have a browse through the photographs to see if there was any one he recognised. While browsing, he noticed it had a search and sort facility. He typed in the name of his local suburb and pressed the search button. He was very curious to see the sort of people living in his area who were, what he considered, scumbags. To his complete shock, the first photograph and name were his own. It even listed his home address, his telephone number and many personal details that he did not think people should know. After the initial shock of seeing his own face come up, he became furious. This was right out slander. On top of that, it listed his ways for people to contact him in order to abuse him. He became angrier and started to work himself into a rage unlike he had ever felt. Normally he was a very passive sort of person. He seldom yelled, he was seldom upset and he never ever turned to violence as a way to solve his problems. Now, he felt like he could kill someone. The adrenaline made him get up and pace around the room. He picked up an award he had won. A Best Produce award from some festival he had long since forgotten, and threw the award to the ground. Luckily, it was rather solid and did not shatter or break. He then kicked the award and paced the room swear to himself. He went back to the computer and looked. Sure enough, he had not dreamt it. He had not imagined it. He was wide awake and this was not a dream. He was going to sue someone, and he was going to make them wish they had never ever crossed him. He was going to make them wish they had never lived. He picked up his telephone. He had his lawyer on a quick dial setting. He pressed the number. His Lawyer was used to working on contracts for films, but his connections should give him the ability to recommend the best lawyer for slander in the city, maybe even the country. Mark did not mind paying for a good quality lawyer, and he wanted the best and he wanted that lawyer now. He sat back down in front of the computer. He looked at the date. His details had only been posted the day before. He hoped that the lawyer would act swiftly and all record of this would be removed from the web as soon as humanly possible. Someone was going to pay for this, and he was going to make them pay very, very dearly.