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28 November, 2005

Home From Hospital

I brought my mother home from hospital today. Not immediately though. Started the day going to do some work. Was a bit surprised when I was thrown in the deep end and asked to take a 'training' session. I had originally been asked to just set up internet access for the machines and get all the software registered. I wanted to attach to the internet to register, but alas, the stupid OS wouldn't let me till it was registered! So I phoned Microsoft and got all the OS's registered. Then, I had to do the training. I spent some of the day then trying to get the machines on the internet. I hadn't realised it, but the manager had turned off 'internet sharing' on the PC which attaches to the internet. By the time I realised it, it was almost time to go home. Another training session started, and I had to vamooooos out of there, so I organised to go back tomorrow for an hour. I then did a quick shop and bought some things ready for my mother's return home. I phoned her at the hospital, and she was ready to come home, so I drove there to pick her up. She had to walk very slowly, as she has had major surgury. I wanted to race ahead and get the cat and throw her stuff in the boot etc. She didn't want me to, and made sure I walked almost all the way to the front with her. She was at the back of the hospital and so it was a long long long long long walk. I was surprised they didn't let her use a wheel chair. We got to the entrance, and I was asked to go pay for her pharmacy bill (ie pay for the drugs she had while in the hospital), so I did that. I then brought the car to the entrance for her. A nice lady helped her to get into the car. We got home, and she was surprised to see the floors done. Especially in her bedroom. When she got out of the car, she had noticed some pickets, from the picket frence my brother and I had built. DARN! She asked about them, and I said, 'You'll have to ask Jeff', as I didn't want to give anything away until she had seen the floor. She came in, and was astonished. The place looked like a completely different house. I then showed her the picket fence out the back. She loved that too as it reminder her of England and the countryside where she had grown up around Salisbury. I then told her not to unpack all the stuff for her dressing table (as we had put most of her stuff into boxes when doing the floor), as I had the airconditioning guy coming on the thirtieth to install the air conditioning. My mother was really in shock and started to cry with happiness. I wish my brother Jeff could have been there to see it, as a lot of the work was his and he deserved to be there. I made my mother sit down and I made her a cup of tea. She watched television most of the day and night. I got stuck into my NaNoWriMo novel. Really stuck into it as I wanted to finish it off. I think it's going to be about 100,000 words long or more. Enough to get it published for real (if we go down that path). I finished off a lot of chapters tonight and was really happy. I chucked it through the NaNoWriMo word counter and found that came to over 60,000 words. NaNoWriMo only requires 50,000. Still, the actual novel is still not finished and hopefully a few little efforts will finish it off in the next few days. As I'm posting the chapters one at a time on the site, it'll take a while to get to the end. I'm well past Chapter 23, which I only just posted. I also wrote a little of the Tokyo Gay Hamster Wars tonight. I told you there were robotic vampires ... and now you know there really are! (Don't worry, the Deibetto character ain't dead yet ... well, maybe not! hee hee!) Not much else to tell really, just an awful lot of typing done, and more to come! :-) How is everyone. I feel like I've missed out on the entire world for the last few days as I had so much to do. I heard Georgie Best died. He was one of my soccer heroes when I was growing up. When I was playing soccer in Penang, we all wanted to be just like him. (Even if he did play for Man U). :-) What else happened? How is everyone? Anything major I need to know?