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30 October, 2005

Apologies Once Again

Hi Everyone - sorry, no post yesterday was once again caused by my ISP. They either hate me, or want me to go elsewhere for my Internet experience. At present I can't remember how long I have left of my 24 month contract with them, but I'm pretty sure once it expires I might be looking elsewhere. That will be sad, as I've had the same e-mail address for the last ten years, but if I can't get professional ISP service then it may have to happen. As my nick has changed over the last few years from Bear to Dabido anyway, it's probably better to drop the cyber_bear e-mail address. (It was getting me into trouble anyway with 'cyber' coming to mean something else and 'bear' already having large hairy gay implications. I now have over 100 unread e-mails, so if you've e-mailed me and are awaiting a reply, I apologise. I'm most likely not going to get to it tonight, as I have a million and one things to attend to!!!! (Like preparing for my grilling tomorrow over my Business Plan - and other things). Today was another Nephews Birthday, and I was pretty much bored. I think I should take a book to such occassions in the near future. I had a chat to my younger brother Paul, who wants to get together and jam with me. (Why does every musician I know want to jam with me?) Anyway, was a nice birthday for young Joshua (His brother had a B'day Party two weeks ago, but there is actually only a week between their B'days!) I guess that's all I've got time for tonight. Hopefully will have some more time to post more tomorrow. Cheers.