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25 October, 2005

Things Which Happened Today

Well, it's been an interesting time lately. My mother is due to go into hospital in a month. She's not supposed to do too much standing up or anything else. She phoned my sister to tell her the other day that she can't look after her kids for a while (as my sister normally dumps her kids on my mother once or more each week). Well, my nephew cut his head open the other day, and not my sister has my mother wrapped around her finger again looking after her kids. My mother's over there now, staying the night and looking after the kids. So much for my mother following Doctor's orders and stuff. So much for my sister NOT aggrevating my mother's medical conditions. Anyway, without my mother here, I am actually able to get more work done. Still, it isnt' good that my sister ignores my mother's problems. As per usual, everyone in my family does what they want, and I get left as the ambulance and everything else needed to pick up the pieces. At times like this, I really wish I hadn't of left Sydney. At least in Sydney I didn't have the family melodramas and such. Now that I am here, no one wants me to leave. The agrivation is getting to my mother though. She started an arguement this morning, and even though I kept tellingher I agreed (which is my usual method of deflecting my mother's wrath), she kept telling me , 'NO!' and kept telling me what was wrong with the world and telling me that I was wrong. I tried pointing out to her that I hadn't expressed ANY views concerning the world, but she just continued. Having failed in my 'I agree' tactic, I then tried reasoning with her. That didn't help either. She just kept trying to tell me what I beleived and why it was wrong. It was more than a person not taking, 'Yes' for an answer. It was annoying. I jsut kept biting my tongue waiting for her to stop. I so hope that she gets over this after her operation. It's rather sickening. She just starts on something and then tells you that you believe the opposite of whatever she is arguing against. I sent an e-mail off to my financial advisor before as I was wondering where my money was. I sent a letter exiting me from my managed funds on the first of October, bu hadn't heard anything. So I asked where it was up to. Today I got a reply. My money is one week away. Woo hoo! So I will be cashed up and able to spend it on stuff. I so much want to leave here. I get torn between the fact that I feel my family won't survive without me here, and the fact that I think they're becoming worse as they're taking advantage of me. Monday I get to see if my business plan is approved. If it isn't, I'll seriously consider going elsewhere. I'll be cashed up and I am thinking a move back to the UK is on the agenda! My family are driving me nuts! I still have no definite plans for the future. It's strange that at the age of forty, I still have unrealised dreams, and they seem as far away as ever. We'll see what happens. In case of doubt, I either jump into the fire and see if I get burnt, or I stay put and hope I'm not in the fire or the frying pan. I'll see what happens Monday. It might be the death of the business before it starts.