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20 October, 2005

Before I continue.

Before I start, there is some good news and some bad news I'd like to share. Good News First - Yesterday, I got the results from my Business Course exam, and I passed with 97%. (And kicked myself when I realised why I dropped the marks. Daggnammit!) Bad News - My mother was once again at the Doctors today. Regular readers might remember I did the mercy dash with her to hospital a few weeks ago, and then she had an operation shortly after. Well, the news is, the polyp they removed wasn't completely benign, and she's still been bleeding. She has to go into hospital for another operation to completely remove a large chunk of her. She's pretty scared, so any prayers for her will be much appreciated. She goes under the knife in a bout a month. She's not going to be able to drive or anything for a month or two after the operation, so looks like I'm going to be the taxi service once again. (Starting from today, as the Doc told her not to drive and stay off her feet and stuff). She was worried her pot plants might die while she is in hospital, but I assured her that we'd kill thme before she goes in, so that way she'll have nothing to worry about. She thought that was funny. (I better not tell her about the Dogs though!) :-)