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22 October, 2005

Quick Note For Those Who May Be Visiting For the First Time

It occurred to me, after visiting Minishorts site tonight, that as it was my turn to 'Guest Blog', that a few people may be venturing this way who haven't been here before. (Or maybe my guest blog scared them all off forever! Bwahaahaaa!) Anyway, for those visiting for the first time: On the next post down, you will notice a list of things. This is the list of 'subjects / Titles' I am going to be blogging on in the near future. The way it works is this, if you wish for me to blo on something, just add it to my comments section. It can be a subject, such as 'Rolf Harris', or it can be a title, like 'what does it mean if I wear pink underwear'. Or, if you like, you can ask a question. Everything gets added (though I may censor any naughty words), and I'll do my best to blog about it. Don't worry if what you suggest might seem weird, strange or completely off someone elses wall, I'll do my best to make head or tail of it, and write something. And if you are visiting for the first time, Welcome. And all those return visiting, 'Thanks, and please come again' [said in my best Apu impersonation]. And the twenty to fifteen of you who return visit and never speak, please, say something! :-) Cheers, Dabido.