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20 October, 2005

New Ways to Take Over the World Part IV

New Ways to Take Over the World Part IV - Computer Power We've managed to get our Anti-Personnel bits working, plus, we've also got the greatest Anti-Tank weapon knopwn to man kind. It's time to get some heavy heavy computing power. After all, if we're going to get a Secret Moonbase (The one th eUS used to film the moonlanding which never happened), then we need something equal to the computing power the US used to get there. As some of you know, NASA actualyl used less processing power then 64k. So, we want something to equal that enormous processing power.
Enter, the C64.
Now that we have the computing power to get to our secret moonbase, we also need some awesome power to do all our supercomputing needs. For this we need our very own Cray supercomputer. I give you the Cray!!! Next, we need to network these two silicon Giants together. We get the supercomputer controling the Space Program Commodore 64. Not only can we now control our rocket ships between the Moon and Earth, but we can also use this for CBM fired at other nations, any missles launched from the moon, and ordering pizza on line. We can also play Pacman and a multitude of other retro games. I was going to include a Beowulf Cluster I was working on, but not having a Beowulf, I substituted Shrek. We grab about ten Shrek plastic models and melt them together. (Unfortunately, I am too lazy to take a photo of it ... um ... well, too lazy to GIMP the photo's together, as I'ma bit under the weather and there is a Japanese Movie on TV tonight that I want to watch.) This masive computing power can also be used to control the Table Legs we have scattered over the earth, as well as working out the best placement for these devices by mapping them with a nice program written in Commodore Basic (complete with Commodore graphic Sprites). Poke this and Peek that!!!! :-) (Oh geees, showing my age with that reference!) Result - All your bases are ours! With our new found computing power, we are also able to hack any of our enemies computers, even using brute force, because our C64-Cray supercomputer is unstoppable! [Insert manic Super Villian Laugh here!] Tomorrow - Taking control of the High Seas!