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25 October, 2005

Rolf Harris

Okay, decided to get the Rolf Harris post out the way, as it is rather short one. Like most Aussie kids, I grew up with Rolf Harris, though the remarkable thing abou tRolf, is he left our shores and went to the UK to become a hit. I've seen some of his art, and he was a great artist in his day. Rolf comes from the amazing city of Perth. I have no idea why I call it amazing, I want to leave and go back to Sydney, or London or anywhere bigger where you can go eat at midnight somewhere. So, we had Rolf Harris on record, tape and even books. One thing which ALWAYS used to occur whenever we were playing a Rolf Harris album, was my mother would remind me of my SIX DEGREES of SEPERATION story with Rolf Harris. Before I get to it though, let me point out the other Six Degrees story whcih is so lame that it's not worth mentioning ... but it fills in my blog. As an ex-member of WAMi (Western Australian Music Industry), our last years competition and stuff had Rolf doing the art work (and I think he was also one of the patrons, but I didn't pay that much attention to the properganda, so I'm not sure!) Told you it was lame ... but as a member of WAMi, I did get a letter from him last year. Admittedly a form letter sent to everyone in WAMi. So, having got that out the way, the BIG story (which I will place in the ALMOST LAME category), was that when I was young, I took my first steps in front of Rolf Harris's Aunties. So my first tender young steps, my beginning of life under my own steam was taken before the same eyes who had seen young Rolf walking for the first time. (Told you it was in the almost lame category ... or maybe it should be under the lame category and I am making out it was a bigger deal than it really was! Oh well, there is always tomorrows post!) :-) I will talk a little more. As a child, my favouite Rolf Harris song was about Maximillian Mouse. I'm no tsure how many of you have heard the song, but it's about a mouse (to state the obvious), and he is like a bull fighting mouse. I can't remember the words, but I assume he was bull fighting the cat. As a child, whenever that song was on, I'd get up and pretend to be Maximillian Mouse bull fighting. OLE! And that really concludes all my personal firsthand experience with Rolf (other than we used to own some of his books and used to draw the cartoon characters from his books and stuff). Plus, I remember a book from the seventies which was very much an environmental type book. About recycling and stuff that Rolf had written. Very advanced for it's day considering how 'environmentally aware' Rolf was when the rest of the world was buying HUGE cars and stuff.