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17 October, 2005

My Apologies

My apologies everyone - Normal service will hopefully resume soon. I had some computer problems over the weekend. Somehow some malware got onto my computer in the form of an Anti-Virus Blocker - which explains why my Anti-Virus software wasn't working properly. Spent most of the weekend trying to find whatever it was that was causing my computer to act weird, and the seventh application I ran found it. (I run my anti-virus / Ad ware remover / spy bot removers etc every week ... plus have the usual firewalls and stuff running). Computer is working again. It meant that I couldn't finish my business plan on the weekend, so was hard at it today. Tomorrow is the last day of the course, so hopefully will get it finished then. Plus, have the exam to do and the bookkeeping assignment. Hasn't been made easy, as my sister and her husband has dropped her sons off here. So am constantly being interrupted to look after them. So once again, my apologies for not finishing off the story etc.