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21 September, 2005

Start of Business Course

Well, the fun never ever ends! Today, tried to start my business course, but my usual problem with the Government Departments fighting over who's supposed to do what continued. I went in this morning, and was late for my FIRST DAY, as I was not sure I was allowed to start the course. (I was told I wasn't without it being sorted out ... only, it still isn't sorted out!) So, I was there talking to one group of people ... because another group had said it wasn't thier issue, and another group said it wasn't theres .. and a fourth group was phoned and it's not their issue, and the people I was speaking to said it wasn't their issue. So, was told to speak to the same Dept. I spoke to the other day ... only I had to go to the course ... so I went, arrived late and filled in the forms. Was pretty boring course so far. I hope it will get better. The lecturer has said he's going to fast track it for us. Normally a six month course, which gets cut down to six weeks, which we're doing in four weeks ... which we are going to try and fast track even faster. Lunch was more exciting. One of the guys has funny eyes that never look at you. He was saying how he was blind till he was four. He also suffers seizures and narcalepsy. He's the first Narcaleptic person I've ever met. He seems pretty cool too. Well, may he just impressed me because I'm a geek. He's starting a business designing webpages etc. One of the girls is really cute. There are only two, the other one is older than me. The cute girl has a partner etc, so against my principals to chase her (plus she is neither asian nor Japanese). :-) One of the guys is starting a jewelry business. He seems pretty cool too. Plus I have a German guy sitting next to me, he's starting some electrical generator business. Two guys are starting Handyman businesses. Another a mowing business, and the last guy a Masseur business. I feel like I have no idea what I am doing there. Weird! I can't wait to get into some more nitty gritty on the course and start to get things together. I took the course notes home and everything ... but I have been busy watching TV tonight. I'll read it when I get up in the morning. I'm feeling very tired tonight.
Just a quick story I want to share from when I was sixteen. When I was younger (younger than sixteen), my friends younger sisters always used to like me. I don't know why. Anyway, when I was sixteen, I was riding to my friends farm (we'll call him B), with my other friend (let's call him S). As we were riding along, S was telling me how B has a sister who will be there. Me, being the silly Dabido that I was, automatically assumed it was a younger sister. I rolled my eyes and made some weird sigh which meant, 'Oh Gees!' S asked what the problem was. So I told him about how my friends younger sisters always seem to get crushes on me and won't leave me alone. I was afraid the same thing was going to happen. S laughed at me and assured me it wasn't going to happen. I kept telling him, as sure as night is day, IT WILL HAPPEN! IT ALWAYS HAPPENS! S just kept laughing. So, we got to B's place and B showed us around. As we're going around the place, a girl, older than we were walked past. S said to me, 'Hey, that's B's sister.' 'Oh!' was all I could say. She wasn't a younger sister like I thought. She was B's elder sister (and B was about a year older than I was). S asked me if I still thought she was going to develop a crush on me. I told him that it might, but I explained how I'd made the assumption that she was younger than us. A few minutes later, B's sister walked back in the courtyard with a girl I knew from school. We were standing at the other end of the courtyard from them. They stopped and they both gave each other a very passionate, 'Hey, this one wriggles like a very wriggly electric eel dancing the electric boogaloo', tongues all over the place kiss. I turned to S and said, 'Okay, it ain't gonna happen!' S laughed. B wanted to know what we were talking about. So S told him. I don't know if B ended up telling his sister, but the next time I was over B's house, his sister walked past and gave me a 'knowing' sort of a smile! Yes, even back then the world knew I was an idiot! :-) Baka Dabido! (Both of the girls had very short hair too ... why! Why! WHY! Didn't I see the signs!) :-) [The one from school was cute too!] :-)