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19 September, 2005


Most of you probably don't know (as I don't think anyone reading this is from Perth), but they have been looking for a young boy (14 years old) for the last three weeks. My mother and I drove past a big police search the other week. There were television crews and everything. As I was helping out at the PCYC, I also got talking to some of the police I knew. I was of the opinion (as were some of the police) that the poor boy had been murdered. My mother however, was certain he was alive somewhere. Today, there was some good news, and some bad news. The good news is the police found him alive! Apparently, he was in such bad shape, that even the police cried when they found him. He's been taken to hospital. He was found in a house not very far from where he'd last been seen. Two men, one aged forty one and the other aged forty four have been charged with obstructing his freedom. The News haven't said any more, but you can imagine how sick the two guys must be to have taken the young boy. I won't go into details, but it is a shame that in todays society, that this sort of things still occurs. I am, of course refraining from saying much more. It is best to keep ones emotions in tact in cases like this. More details will come to light, so we will wait until we hear more officially.