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16 September, 2005


Very, very tired after an exhausting day. Woke up this morning, and my right eye was twitching. My right eye is the one which suffers the most. When I was six years old in Penang, Malaysia, my next door neighbour (who was also in the same class as me at school), threw some rocks at me. Some of the rock fragments got caught in my iris. I ended up seeing a Doctor Lee, on King Street (I think). This was a plus, as he had some very cute nurses (Chinese). Good thing my left eye was still working! :-) Even at this tender age, I still had a 'thing' for Asian girls. (Readers might remember me once before mentioning a crush I had on my Ahmah's daughter Helen. I was about six, and she was ten! Damn older woman!) :-) Well, after a month of the nurse lying me downand using a contraption which flooded my eye with water, Dr Lee gave me the all clear. I could see out of my right eye again. I'd spent the month with a bandage over my right eye, and I ws told, not to peek out from the bandages, as it would make the iris contract, and the rock fragments would damage the iris. Being all of six, it never stopped me. I would peek quite often and think I was just being naughty! :-) Thanks Dr Lee and your nurses! You saved my eyesight. Anyway, this morning, the right eye wouldn't stop twitching. It might be eye strain. I just hope that at the tender age of forty, my 20/20 vision hasn't at last given up on me. My father and mother had glasses at much earlier ages than me. I must have got good eye genes. (Though I am worried after a comment I left on someone elses blog ... was like I am going stupid or blind!) Well, got to work, and there was plenty to do. We still don't have the eight computers to set up. Anyway, I faxed my application through to do the Cert IV in Small Business Management. Seventeen page application! (Yeah, who can't write such a small amount!) :-) Spent most of the day wondering if I was accepted! Lots of other work to do. Was asked to take photo's of the Tiny Tot's Gym class. I got the instructor to get permission from all the parents. The stupid camera has a delay on it, and it takes a few seconds before it actually takes the shot! Very difficult when kids don't stop moving for you! The batteries started giving out, and I had to stop. Later in the day I had to go home for lunch. I made my lunch the night before (as I always do) and then forgot it this morning! Baka Dabido!!!! Went back to work ... was flat out again till about three thirty. Then, ran out of work to do! Good thing, as it'is my last day till I complete my course. Got home, phoned regarding the course! I'd made IT! I was accepted! (But, you knew I would be!) So, my business (hopefully) will be next on the agenda! I'm also planning on doing a simultaneous Cert IV in Training and Work Place Assessment. Have to free up my money from my managed funds to do that though. Got home ... walked for half an hour as the dogs were playing up. There is a rock 'n' roll thing happening up the road, so music and loud crowd making noise! Dogs loved barking at it. So got them in. Will have to do some weights in a minute. not much else happening. Cooking borign old dinner at present. Will watch the NEW Survivor series just starting tonight.