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17 September, 2005

Se7en (the Meme, not the movie)

Was passed this meme from Beerbabe: Seven things you plan to do before you die:
  1. Visit Japan
  2. Become a Millonaire
  3. Complete one of the F***ing degrees that I've started [Degrees started so far - BAppSc(Geology1985); BAppSc(Physics 1987); BCompSc(1996); BA(two different ones, 2002); BGenStudies(2002).]
  4. Marry a Japanese Woman (Or at least an asian one ... but she has to lie to me and tell me she's Japanese. Yeah, I know, it's an unhealthy obsession!)
  5. White Water Raft on every continent on earth (possibly including Antarctica if we are allowed to slide a zodiac down a big icey slope)
  6. Release an Album (Music)
  7. Get published at least once more (novel preferably)
Seven things I could do:
  1. Study more
  2. Become a better/nicer/gentler/kinder person
  3. Work out more
  4. Give more to the poor
  5. Do more volunteer work
  6. Purchase tiles and flooring and fix my mother's floor in her house.
  7. Pray and read the Bible more
Seven Celebrity crushes: None have torn their way through the Teflon suit! (Hee hee) but, in the spirit of things ... You know, I really, honestly don't know! These are possibilities ... but really, I don't think about that sort of thing too much.
  1. Vicki Zhao Wei (She sooo cute)
  2. Zhang Ziyi (Hidden Dragon! Woo hoo!)
  3. Gigi Leung
  4. Any of the GIRLS (Not Transvesites) on Nics Blog - Post 1, or post 2 ... or previous Japan posts.
  5. Hitomi Kuroki
  6. Yumiko Shaku (Well, most of Japan actually)
  7. Um ... probably so many other Japanese movie actress (and Chinese ones ... and other asian ones) I haven't even heard of!
Seven often repeated words / phrases:
  1. There's a reason for that!
  2. Yeah, Yeah! Sure, Sure!
  3. Um ...
  4. What?
  5. Holy Smackerel! (Yes, I do get strange looks when I say that.)
  6. Shut Up! (Usually when talking to the dogs)
  7. Here! (Also, when talking to the dogs)
Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
  1. Nice Face
  2. Nice Hair (Preferably BLACK)
  3. Nice Smile
  4. Nice / Okay body (aka, not a waif, and not a beached whale - somethng in between, hopefully with some baby fat) :-)
  5. Nice mouth (Not too big, not too small)
  6. Same height as me (Don't liek looking down on people, don't like looking up!)
  7. Asian (Preferably Japanese)
Seven tags go to:
  1. Ghoul (If he wants it and hasn't had it before)
  2. Melisa
  3. Doro
  4. Sarah
  5. Anyone else who comes here who wants it or hasn't had it (I know a lot have already had it passed to them. Difficult to keep up with) Grab it if you want it!
  6. [Soul Thief ... do you still come here? Grab the meme!] :-)
  7. <--- the number seven ... just added this line to round it out! :-)