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21 September, 2005

Quick How To Guides (Part Three)

Guide Three - How to use Dabido to pick up girls (for the guys) Following on from yesterdays Quick Guide Two, today I present the other side of the coin. How my friends often used ME (yes, little ol' me), to pick up girls. Technique One: Obviously, after reading yesterdays post, you will realise, if we are at a pub / nightclub etc together, the easy thing to do is wait. Once I pluck up the courage to ask a girl onto the dance floor, dance on over and start a conversation with the girl. She will surely ditch me and go off with you. It's never failed (except that time my friends GF was on the dance floor with me). Technique Two: If I happen to be anywhere with a guitar, I often attract a crowd while I am playing it. Actually, one of my favourite things to do on my Birthday, is serenade girls. It's not part of my technique, it's just something I like to do. Sing a romantic song to a girl, and look deep into her eyes ... and hope she hasn't drunk too much! Nothing worse than them chucking up while doing that! :-) Actually, I did this on my thirty fifth birthday to a young (30 yo) Japanese girl named Momoko. As everyone said later, I made her melt. (I think we were able to unmelt her later and remold her into shape!) :-) They asked me, 'why is it, when you have such an obvious "IN" like that, that you dodn't take advantage of it?' I told them, 'She's got a BF already. An English guy named Paul.' Of course, there have been other times when my friends have taken advantage of these situations and used my romantic mood setting music to move in on girls. Seems to have 100% success rate. I don't know why. Technique Three: Back when I was with my old band (or one of my old bands), one of the things my friends would do is tell the girls they are 'with the band'. Easily confirmed when they'd scream out my name and wave to me on stage and I'd wave back! Also, 100% success rate! (Still no idea way). Technique Four: Being the friendly, trusting sort of guy I am, a lot of girls naturally trust me. So in Sydney, we'd often head off to the pub, and I'd naturally strike up a conversation with almost any one. Occassionally, I'd make friends with a group of people, or a group of girls, and my friends would take advantage of the situation. I distinctly remember one night, when I went out of my way to talk to two nice Japanese girls. One of them left (because as my friend put it, I didn't 'make a move' on her). My friend then texted me, 'I'm in. Go Home.' I almost texted back, 'Half the guys in the pub are "in" with this girl' (which was true ... I was also pretty much 'in'), but I decided not to. Mainly as I know I would stuff things up if I pursued her. So I pretended the text message was important and that I had to leave. Five minutes later, my friend was heading home with her ... um, make that two minutes later. I knew she liked me, as she later e-mailed me asking me to move to Tokyo and live with her. I declined! NON-Technique: If you like my latest GF, then don't wait till I dump them. I am usually in for the long haul and seldom break up over stupid things. I put up with a lot of crap from girls. Out of courtesy, I expect you not to hit on them either. (Though you could add Technique Five as 'Hit on any girl with Dabido'. It has a very low, almost nominal success rate though ... unless the girl is a friend, in which case, refer to yesterdays 'Quick Guide') :-) Technique Five: If you see me talking to any girl, and they seem to be my friend (not GF), then hit on them. Often, I am so busy developing a relationship with the girl and trying to figure out if I like them enough to acutally ask them out, that the girl gives up on me every asking them out. Often, I have found out that my 'female friends' did actually like me 'in that way' when we first met. Just I procrastinate over whether a BF/GF relationship will actually work with them, that their feelings change. For any girl reading this, this 'stalling/procrastinating' technique of mine is part of the Teflon Suit. Of course, in other situations, we are ONLY just friends. Yeah, hard to work out if we're friends or if I am thinking that way ... also, part of the confusing Teflon Suit. [See, I keep saying it's not easy to tear your way through it]. :-)