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15 September, 2005

Allergy Doctor Revisited!

Started the day on a bad note. Got up, and my mother immediately wanted an arguement! She did this by telling me I was wrong about something, and I asked her if she even listened to what I had said. She then tried to back out of it by pretending she hadn't said 'No', but had actually said, 'I know'. (If you were here, you'd see why it wasn't the case. She was insisting that someone was decended from the English, and I was pointing out that they also had New Zealand Grandparents ... okay, the sentence was something like this - No, you're wrong! Her Grandmother is from England! Now, what my mother tried to pretend she'd said - I know! You're Wrong! Her Grandmother is from England! Not a very convincing arguement in context!) Well, she then tried to tell me I was in a cranky mood and said she didn't know why she bothered getting out of bad. Then she stormed off to bed, and I went off to work. Got to work, and Rebecca was in a bad mood. She didn't stop complaining for the first fifteen minutes. So when she asked how I was, I said I was Okay ... lol Kylie was phoned (I took the original call), and looks like she has a new job with the Department of Justice. Congrates Kylie. I was then given a heap of stuff to do. So was flat out. At 12:45, I finally finished everything. (Was looking for smoke machine/lights hiring companies, as well as chasing computer equipment I was going to need etc). Was amazed at my boss. Someone asked how good I was on the guitar, and he said I was a legend. He said I was a guru on the computers, but was even better on guitar! WOW! What a compliment! Hmmmm, why don't I return to being a full time musician! Only thing holding me back is I need to start practicing again and get some confidence up! Well, I am considering recording that 'Baroque Guitar' Album. We'll see what happens with the Macro Plan and business etc. There were supposed to be four Work For The Dole people in today. Only Michael turned up. Amanda phoned to say she couldn't make it ... and the other two ... I have no idea! Doesn't matter. Michael vaccuumed the gym and some other stuff ... and then got to go home early. Once I finished everything, I left at 12:45. I was going to leave at 1pm, but Chas gave me an early minute. Got home in time to take her for her check up. I think the extra lie in might have helped. She was no longer cranky or starting arguements. I drove her to the hospital, and we got there ten minutes after leaving home! Amazing. Normally takes fifteen to twenty minutes. I guess the lack of roadworks is the reason. (Normally lots on the way. They've completed the Tonkin Highway access ramps, so less work being done). My mother was amazed (once again) that my quick and easy route is quicker than her 'backroad' convoluted routes she normally takes. (My mother is an expert at making complex ways of getting places. I just look at the map and go ... hmmm, straight down the Highway and turn left. my mother will look at the map and go left, right left right left right, following a backstreet path which basically follows the one road!) We had forty minutes to wait till she was to se the Doctor, so we walked extra slow to the Doctors rooms. We even got passed by (what my mother called) 'geriatrics'. Yes, we were walking so slow seventy and eighty year olds over took us! Got to the rooms, and had a ten minute wait as the receptionist was on the phone. That chewed up more time. Then we only had ten more minutes to wait! It ended up being fifteen (the Doctor was a little late). My mother was fine. Her Operation was a success. She doesn't have cancer or anything! Woo Hoo! What she did have was very unusual and the Doctor was going to have to consult another specialist about it. He just assured her that it was nothing bad! Just ... different! My mother was happy, and I treated her to Subway. She really didn't have a clue about ordering, and the poor girl behind the counter had to bite her tongue I think! (Imagine Abraham Simpson ordering ... then you get the idea!) Got home, and I read through the usual blogs. Then, off for my own Doctors appointment with my specialist. Short version - I don't need an epipen for my allergies! Cool! That'll save me money. (Will be p***ed off beyond belief if I get stung by a bee or something though!) Got home ... and ready to do some studying and watch a littel TV. Princess Blade and Ghost in the Shell (the TV series) are on tonight. Not sure if I will watch them though. I have Princess Blade on DVD. Have seen 'Ghost in the Shell' the movie. Haven't seen the TV series! Not sure if I will like it or not.