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17 September, 2005


Woke up this morning, went for a walk. Started pouring with rain, so stopped early. I normally time my one hour walk by putting the alarm to go off on my mobile phone. I forgot about it and hit the shower. Was standing there in my towel, when suddenly the alarm went off ... and I'd left the phone in my study. Argh! Had over half the house to run in my towel, with my mother sitting in the dining room playing on her computer. I had to make the dash too ... when does a mobile alarm stop ringing? When the battery goes flat! Anyway, as a lot of you know, I read the Japan Times everyday (or almost everyday), and found this funny piece I thought I would share. It's about Mondegreen's (The article explains where they get this title from). A Mondegreen is a misheard lyric in a song, and there have been plenty by lots of people. Please share yours here, as I will mine: The first few times I heard 'I'm Every Woman', I misheard the lyrics as: Climb Every Woman. Of course, I knew I'd misheard it. Why would a woman sing, 'Climb Every Woman'? Doesn't make sense. So I waited till I knew what was being sung before ever singing along. Of course, being a musician, we have a little 'trade' secret we don't offen tell people. What happens when you forget the lyrics to the song you are singing on stage? You make stuff up till you get to a part you know; Or just mumble along incoherently till you get to a bit you remember; Or my favourite, sing one of the other verses. (Yeah, I've sung the first verse of a song three times once as I couldn't remember the second or third verses! People who know the song often comment after you make these mistakes!); another common thing to do, is to suddenly point the microphone at the audience (or someone in the audience) who are singing along! (It gets a lot of them to either shout louder, or shut up!) :-) A Mondegreen my sister and one of her friends once used to sing, was to the Kiss version of '2000 Man' (Originally by the Rolling Stones). Instead of 'Hey Father, proud of your son?' They'd sing, 'Hey we're, coming out of the sun!' Or one I once heard of - Bronski beats 'Hit that Perfeft Beat Boy' sung as 'Hit the perfect meatball' What's your favourite Mondegreen (either from one you have misheard yourself, or someone else)? I'll try to remember some others I've done or people I know have done. (p.s. Don't go out and try to 'climb every woman' ... they get upset for some reason!) :-)