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22 September, 2005

Happy Birthday Suanie

Today is Suanie's birthday. Yes, she has turned sweet sixteen again ... for the tenth time. KY has some interesting pictures of her hugging her new BF ... Mr Toilet Bowl. (He gets more action than I do, so I won't laugh!) Today was also day two of my Business Management Course. Sort of scarey in many ways. Also, sort of boring in many ways. The boring part is because I've done a lot of this sort of thing when I did my Marketing Certificate. It's like a bad re-run (Thank goodness the economics part isn't repeated!) Anyway, have to get stuck into a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis tonight. The weekend is goingto be interesting. I ahve to start writing my Business Plan ... and hand half of it in on Tuesday. Thank goodness Monday is a public holiday ... though, that may not help me much. It means my opposition in the market place is not open, so I can't phone them to gather information. I hope they have some on their websites and stuff. Had a good talk for a brief moment with Sean Paul, who is going to be designing websites. Mainly talking about Linux and stuff. He likes to run Fedora Core type stuff (from Red Hat). I ran Red Hat linux from 1996 till (was it last year, or beginning of this year?) Anyway, the computer I was running it on died. As soon as I buy a new computer, this one will probably take over as the Red Hat machine, and I'll run other stuff on the new one. Very tired. I stupidly drank a coke yesterday and couldn't get to sleep last night. Then had to get up early to go tackle the Government Departments over my enrollment and starting my own business. Got in there at eight thirty am and was lucky. I was only person there, and I also got to speak to someone who knew what they were talking about. After numerous phonecalls and to other Departments/people etc etc, she figured out she was going to have to manually fix everything on the computer system herself. (The opposite of the other day). FINALLY it was fixed up. (I hope! Been here before when the whole thing falls apart and some idiot decides they know better). Anyway, means I am free to concentrate on my course for a while. Phew! (Stupid Government!) Guess I better get stuck into my homework! Funny thing, my mother said she wouldn't disturb me ... and she's done nothing BUT interupt me ... now she's eating her dinner, so I have some time to get started! Woo Hoo! So tired, so much work to do!