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04 August, 2005

Wish List

For years I've had a wishlist at Amazon - which, even I greatly ignored. Today I sent an e-mail to myself from the site, so that I could finally figure out how to link to MY wishlist. So now, anyone crazy enough, or madly in love with me can finally use that wishlist to buy me stuff. The Amazon Wishlist button was, until now, just pointing at Amazon. Now, it really does point at my wishlist. Yeah, it contains mainly Japanese books at present (and the Bach2000 recordings I never got around to purchasing back in 2000). The high Japanese content of my picks came abou tas I search through for Mishima and Oe books, and just added anything remotely Japanese into the mix. :-) I'll also have to create a few more buttons for other wishlists. It'll make my B'day so much more easier! :-) (And Xmas!) :-)