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03 August, 2005

Happy Birthday F***stress

F***stress Birthday today! Happy Birthday! Hope this comes out okay. I've had a BAD BAD BAD day. For starters, i tried to upgrade to Firefox 1.0.6 ... and it STOPPED WORKING! IE has not worked since I installed Service Pack 2 ... which I tried to fix by installing it again ... and again and then SP2 again! Nope! MS products just suck and even MS Messenger STILL won't work! I give up! Why did my beloved Linux machine DIE so young?! Waah! I knew my connection was still good, as my e-mail and yahoo were still running without a problem! Well, spent most of the day and night trying to get ANYTHING to work on this stupid machine. Nothing was able to find the stupid broadband connection! I was beginning to wonder how I could call myself a Network Engineer when I couldn't get a simple web browser to work. Eventually got a copy of Opera working. Not to my liking ... and once Opera was working, then Mozilla started working! Woo hoo! Never rains but it pours! Still, all my book marks are with Firefox ... or were with it. I deleted the Firefox directory a half dozen times and re-installed different versions of it (from a 0.X.X beta to 1.0.4, 1.0.5 and 1.0.6!) IT JUST WON'T WORK! Well, once Opera was workign I visited the Mozilla site. Their advice (in the bug fixes list) - uninstall it - delete the directory and try again! Well, been doing that for ages! Their other advice, try it with Mozilla and see if the same error occurs! Well, Mozilla is working fine now .. though I am surfing with Opera at present. I hoep I can work out what is wrong with Firefox. I prefer it's look and feel over Opera's and Opera doesn't have all the nice bells and whistles I am used to having. The HTML isn't going to work on this page - you'll have to manually link to F***stress blog. Though Suanie and KY's sites also had stuff concerning FA's B'day (and Kim mentions it in passing ... you can't miss it, it's got REALLY large letters). Link to their sites via the buttons on the side. I'm not even going to visit anyone elses site tonight. It's 1:30AM and I haven't slept for a few days. Reason being - I have this body building stuff I'm taking at present - and I didn't realise when I bought it, but it has Guarana in it. I usually don't have any caffine (except the occassional scotch and coke ... and I've only have ONE of those in two years). So you can imagine how much my body is affected by caffine! My eyes are RED and killing me! No sleep for two days! Waaah! I was tossing and turning in bed last night as I tried to sleep! Daggnammit! Was difficult! Plus it felt like things were crawling all over my body! Not a normal allergic reaction of mine, but enough to help keep me awake! Then my leg would occassionally start twitching! Good thing I am single, or else I might have ended up on the couch! Still, my eyes are sore, I am feeling tired, but STILL my body doesn't want to sleep! In fact, my mind is still really awake too ... it's mainly my eyes! Argh! So sore! But the body is sort of tired, but still wanting to stay awake! Can I make it three days straight ... waaah! I hope not! I increased my weights to 56.5kg today. Rather silly of me, as I was only doing 46.5kg before ... but I miss calculated it. I thought I was adding about 2.5kg to the bar, but stupid baka bodoh me! I added 10kg! Lack of sleep! Anyway, my hand weights I have at about 8kg. Not bad till you get into the extra reps and stuff. Then you start to feel it. I need to do more sit-ups and stuff too. Have to get those abs perfect and lose some middle age flab from around the sides! All so important for the piece I am going to write for the Health Magazine! I started work on another novel last night - but decided at about 1 AM I had better get to bed! It was a pity I couldn't sleep at all! Nothing worse than chewing on my mouth splint while iching to death and trying to sleep when the left leg is twitching and you feel like you need to go for a jog around the block! So DARN HARD TO SLEEP! And then the EYES! Waaah! So sore! Even last night! Part of my brain is like going, 'I'm about to leave. Hope you like fainting!' And another part is like, 'Nope! We're stayign up alllll night! No fainting here! You're wide awake and nothing you will do will help you to get any sleep!' I think it's going to be a repeat of last night - tossing and turning! I bet I have that Faders song reverberating around in my head all night too, 'No sleep tonight!' Waaah! Oh well, I am home alone tomorrow. I might actually get to sleep in. As long as I remember to tape a movie for mother at noon, I will be fine. I might even be able to get soem writing done too! :-)