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01 August, 2005

Monday Monday

Monday - not much happening. Replaced my Tag Board with a Guest book for now. Even though I wrote a Tag / Message board at University in PHP, the problem is having no server access to store the info means it won't work here. The Tag Board hasn't worked for a while and even other people's sites who have it I can't get it to load (let alone get to the original Tag Board site). So for now, I'll put up with a Guest Book instead of a Tag board till I either decide to start hosting D'Blog on it's own server (which I'd probably set up in the UK when I get there), or else start to pay for somewhere to host it for me. Then I should have a return of the Tag Board. Issues with certain Government Departments (and affiliated organisations) look like they are coming to an end. Signed a release today from an organisation I've been having major issues with, so I am no longer with them nor accountable to them. Nice to be free. Time to start getting stuck back into real work. Started the day with a phone call from a Government Department. Once again I'd been given incorrect forms from another Government Department and so the forms were sent to the wrong Department, delaying some things I need to get done soon. Got my mother exercising with me today. Hopefully it will lead to some good health for her. Got a phone call today for a Networks Operation Manager. Suddenly realised, after already being booked into the interview, that the "Networks" in question are NOT computer Networks, but Electrical ones! Requires knowledge of Electrical Power Generators ... um ... ah ... okay, I have NO idea about them. I'll phone the agency tomorrow and have them un-book the interview for me. I am feeling a little dumb (Bodoh Baka Dabido) for having accepted the interview! I'll better be more careful about things in future. I might have gone in tomorrow and talked my way into a job I have NO IDEA about! bwahahahaaaa! Anyway, with my release today, I'm going to get stuck back into writing and stuff Hopefully there will be more time to get things done. I have an article to write and some other stuff.