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28 July, 2005

Todays News

Okay - The Space Shuttle got off okay - and they're banning more flights because of more falling debris. The Space Shuttle External Fuel Tank also hit a bird. I noticed NASA said it was moving too slow to damage the fuel tank, so no damage done. What about the bird? Does anyone know if it survived? Is the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) going to shut down all space missions till little bumpers are stuck on the thing to deflect birds safely? Or, genetically engineer all birds in the area to grow crash helmets!!! [Okay, now I'm being silly again!] :-) As I said to my mother, we never had this problem with the Apollo missions ... sure Apollo 13 leaked oxygen, but it never fell to pieces on take off. MS has shown Longhorn (Vista) off - with brand new Linux Ripped Off innovations! I am always amazed at how much innovation MS has that comes from other Operating Systems. If you are interested in the details, link to Slashdot and read about it (check the slashdot button in the side bar) otherwise click here! My Nana (Grandmother) phoned my mother today. Another voice added to the 'David, don't go to the UK' lobby. She was telling my mother about when she lived in London during the Blitz! A bomb hit their neighbours house (Back neighbour, not next door one) blowing the house to shreads, while my Grandmother was pregnant with my mother (1944 or 1945). Apparently, the force went right through my Grandmother's body (the description she gave sounded like being VERY close to the speaker stack at a VERY loud rock concert!) The shock wave she felt lasted a while and apparently she had a nervous breakdown after the incident. (That's where I get those nervous break downs from ... it's hereditary!) :-) One house away - that's how close my Grandmother, Mother (and following that) I, came to not being here today! Imagine if the bombadier waited just a split second later!
You'd be reading someone elses site right now. [Oooo, I just checked a site called www.londonblitz.com and it's an American fooball team. A weird thought ran through my mind - should I take my gridiron gear when I go to the UK ... do they have an over 40's league! Then again, I can always coach it there I guess. I am a qualified coach]. Had another interview today - this was for contract positions as a Network Engineer. Seemed to go well. Not sure if anything will come from it though. I also was phoned by the Government - but I was at the interview - so the long running fight with them may be over! Phew! Let's see what happens! :-) My mother mentioned to me that JAWS is on this weekend (30th Anniversary). I told her, I haven't been in a swimming pool since, she gave me an inquizative look. I just said to her, "You do know it was filmed in a Hollywood tank?" She almost choked on her dinner. :-) When I returned home from my interview today, I must have got a stressed out bus driver. I payed my fare and told him my destination. He told me he wasn't ready (as the ticket machine wasn't ready). I apologised (I think my exact words were, "Oh, sorry") He replied," I'm not ready! Be patient! BE PATIENT Alright! There's no rush!" I thought, gees, wonder what he would have said if I hadn't of said sorry. I decided to keep my mouth shut till he was ready. I didn't want another apology to cause him to have a heart attack! My brother just gave me an old Xmas card of his. It has a famous Japanese print on the cover of a Tsunami. Apparently, less than a week after someone had given him the card, the Boxing Day Tsunami happened, so he took the card down, and it's been sitting in a draw ever since. As he knew I liked all things Japanese, he's now given the card to me. The Japanese print is of a wave off Kanagawa Prefecture (or Kangaroo Prefecture as I like to pretend). My friend Chisako lives in Kanagawa.