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30 July, 2005


Please correct if incorrect. :-) ばなな が すき です。 あなた わ ばなな に すき です か。 ギタが できます。 スケツチ わ できます。 日本 に いきたい です。 あなた わ 日本 いきたい です か。 End of Japanese before I give myself a headache! bwahahahaaaa! Just practicing before I leave for UK. I want to be able to speak it better and read Kanji a lot better before I get there. Nothing worse than standing in the middle of Tokyo screaming 'Help! Help!' Of course, I'd scream it in Japanese ... provided I remember it! [Note to self: Practice screaming 'Tasukete! Tasukete!' Also, practice breaking into tears ... it might get some sympathy, like some baka gaijin lost ina strange country!] :-) I can't remember if the Hirigana/Katakana and Kanji actually worked before. Maybe it works on my screen as I am set up for it. Not sure how others will see it. Anyway - on some Japanese websites, all I get is ? ? ? ? ? characters instead of the Japanese. Anyone know why that is? Other sites I see the Kana quite easily.