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29 July, 2005

Who Needs a GF?

Who needs a GF when every Otoku nerd in Japan will soon have one of these babies. Yes, it's the end of the human race as we know it. Soon, people won't interact to have sex, because thy'll have an android which can do it better than any man or woman on the planet. They'll be just like 'Bladerunner' / 'AI' type androids where you can't tell the difference between a human and the machine. So, Suanie, F***stress and the rest of you who are worried about not having a BF at present, life could get a whole lot worse! Of course, at present these things aren't on the production line, nor are they up to standard, so there are a few years left before GF's become obsolete and Repliee Q1's are all the rage. Still, I think I want mine to look different than the models they have at present - maybe even one you can change the face and hair on, so you can have a different GF every week. Of course, the actual production of babies will probably be done in factories via a 'Brave New World' type method. So Babes, Girls, Fembots, and other assorted females - tell me why I should go out with a woman? Actually, I can think of several good reasons myself ... but that would be counter to the exercise. I want to know WHY YOU think I need a woman? [And if you can't think of any reasons girls, you owe me one Replicant!] :-)