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03 August, 2005

Fire Fox Fixed!

(How's that for alliteration!) :-) WOW! After a good nights sleep, my brain was working fine this morning. I still got up after only five hours sleep though. Still, I felt very refreshed after being awake non-stop for a few days! Fire Fox problem was sorted out this morning very easily. With my brain newly rested, it was working properly again. First thing I decided to do (which I had actually thought of yesterday, but didn't quite manage) was to try to remove some of the 'Extensions' that I'd added to Firefox (which is what I had suspected all along as the cause of the problem). Last night, I'd searched through the 'reported Bug' issues looking for the answer. As I said in yesterday's post, I had removed and re-installed Firefox a number of times! That was what the 'Bug Fixes' had recommended! I thought blowing it all away should have removed all of the extensions, but it wasn't happening. Today, I tried a different tactic. I searched through the FAQ in search of a way to remove extensions manually. I found it. To my astonishment I also discovered that the 'extensions' were not kept with the rest of Firefox. They are actually kept in a seperate area with your profile. So all that blowing away the Firefox directory was doing AB-SO-LUTE-LY NOTH-ING!!!!! As I couldn't be bothered removing each extension one by one in order to test if it was the one causing the issue, I just blew the lot away! (Yeah, lazy of me! There was no data or anything being lost, so no big deal! It's the old Time Versus Outcome equation - the outcome is exactly the same, and less timespent doing it this way. Better than what some of the old PC support guys would have done [blow away the operating system and restart from scratch! As per post on Azmeen's blog today]) Followed the instructions off the Firefox FAQ - rebooted! Voila! Firefox was again working perfectly. (Someone else reported the same problem in the 'Reported Bug' section, so I'll have to go back in there and tell them how to solve it.) I loaded the extensions I wanted one by one, and they are all re-installed and working perfectly too. Does it get any better than this?