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27 July, 2005

Time to Sell

Sold my shares today - it takes an edge off my investment loan - $18,000 off $38,000. Only $20,000 left to pay. I was also informed that selling my Managed Funds before September will result in me paying 100% capital gains tax. If I sell after Septemeber, it's only 50%. So, I've decided not to sell them just yet. This means I won't go to the UK until September (or maybe October or Novemeber or December). That gives me some more time, allows my managed funds to increase some more and means I only lose half as much in tax. Short Term Plans Before Leaving For UK:
  1. Study and get my CCNA (if possible my CCNP)
  2. Get super fit
  3. Write Article for Health Magazine (hopefully getting some money through that)
  4. Use the same material from the article to write a book (obviously longer and more detailed)
  5. See if there are any quick and dirty IT Contracts I can do
  6. Try to finish some of my unfinished art work
  7. Finish at least one of those darn novels
  8. Fix up my Synth and get soem music recorded
That probably sums up a lot of things to do. Still, I feel there is so much to do, and so little time to do it in! :-) [Probably one of my shortest posts!] :-)