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07 July, 2005


Went to do the usual volunteer work at the PCYC today. First thing I had to do was fix Kylie's computer (which I had completely stuffed up on Friday), luckily she's been off doing a 'school holiday' program with kids and stuff. So I got there and got stuck into it. Fixed the computer, then discovered that I prefered my old computer - so I set that one up for her. Her old one was a Pentium - the one she now has is a Pentium II - lots faster, more HD space, much more memory. She was pretty stoked that she now has a better machine. One problem with it - it can only go 16 colours! No matter how much I fiddled with it, I couldn't get the stupid thing to change into something better. I then set up the new laser printer to run off her machine - set up internet access and heaps of other stuff. (Actually, I had a lot of trouble getting the old computer to work with the new laser printer). I then made sure all computers had internet access and access to the laser printer! Wonderful efficient tiem I had today. Also helped Snr Constable Chas get rid of the old shed out the back (which had been torn down last week). A Sgt came and took it and four tressles for $70. I wrote a receipt for him. Some bad news though. Kylie heard that she is being transfered to Belmont Police Station. She was very upset. Chas was not happy either, as Kylie is working really well and has some community programs running. Apparently, the girl we are getting as a replacement doesn't get on with anyone and keeps getting moved. One thing I have heard is she takes two to three days off to go to funerals every week! Apparently she goes to any funeral of anyone she even remotely knows! I just hope that she will fit in and work well with the team. Another thing I heard was Chas trying to organise to keep me there. He would love to have me get the 2nd in charge position. There are three applicants at present, and apparently two of themare absolutely no good. The other one is the only one Chas thinks is worth looking at. He's trying to get it so that they'll look at me as well. In order to do that, he has to allow late applicants to apply for the position. There was another late applicant, and apparently she might have a bit of an inside run on me! She is already working at a PCYC in the same position. As such, she'll look better on paper than I do. Anyway - hopefully there will be lots to do tomorrow and it will be fun. Two 'Work for the Dole' people were supposed to be there today, and neither turned up. Well, Rob normally only comes on Fridays anyway. The new girl - well, she wasn't here and I haven't seen her before. Not sure what she'll be doing. Arrived home and my passport was here! Kewl! Time to send it off to the British High Commission in Canberra for my Visa. My mother doesn't want me going to the UK now! She is afraid I'll get killed. Anyway - where is safe in the world. I could get killed in this neighbourhood - it has a bad reputation and many muggings etc. I also received my HECS Fees - it's up to $2138! Well, can't pay it back at present - it'll have to wait. Besides, the Government still owes me training credits that it won't let me touch! Talk about being ripped off! You think they'll let me trade one for the other - but no, they never will!