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07 July, 2005

London Bomb Blasts.

London has suffered some bomb blasts in the last few hours. It's difficult at this point in time to work out exactly how many, as the news sometimes contradicts. They keep saying six - but they placed a map up on the screen showing nine. So far they say the death toll is about twenty with at least seventy people seriously injured. I think a lot of people are once again watching news channels. Something which occurred during the September 11 attacks, and also during the Boxing Day Tsunami. They were discussing who the terrorists are on this occassion. So far it's been suggested people opposed to the G8 summit - but I find that hard to believe, as they've never ever acted as terrorists before. Others are suggesting Al Qaida. I even heard the mention of disgruntled Olympic bidding nations. At present, it is too soon to point the finger without more information. The disgruntled Olympic Bidding Nations is also pretty slim - after all, there hasn't been enough time to plan an attack - plus IT'S ONLY THE OLYMPICS! It's not like France wants to invade the UK in order to host the games. At no time in the past has anyone ever gone to war over 'wanting tohost the Olympics'. It will be a pretty sad world when that happens - and if it ever does, gees, Aliens come take me to another planet - this one has lost it big time! Another suggested 'terrorist' group which has been mentioned is a re-formed splinter of the IRA. I doubt it is them either. France has gone onto alert over the incident too. Being just across the English Channel I guess they could be possible targets. Obviously the French are not taking any chances. The main thing worrying me (and my family) is our friends and relatives in London. My mother mentioned that possibly some of our relatives could have been on the train or the buses involved. My friend Nic had a narrow miss, having been at one of the train stations ten minutes earlier. He did mention that not everyone from his work had arrived. Hopefully they will have just been delayed because of the London Transport system shuting down. I'm not sure where my friend Rodger is. I'm sure he will report in soon. I sent him a Yahoo message to check. Might be sometime before he checks in, as the News said there was soem problems with telecommunications - and I believe he works for British Telecom - so he might be busy patching networks back together. Anyway, my mother is once again glued to the News on TV. I guess not many channels will run their normal programming for tonight till something is sorted out.