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05 July, 2005

Some Interesting things from the past week

Police Question Man While He is Dumping Bodies First - are we all just getting stoopider or just more apathetic? In the Japan Times, they reported a man dumping bodies, whom police questioned WHILE he was dumping them last October!!!! Yes, WHILE HE WAS DUMPING THEM! Yet they didn't bother to investigate, and as such didn't arrest him. He admitted he gave them a flimsy explanation and thought he'd get arrested. Hate to see what their response is to other situations! Top Five Explanations - Chiba Police this week (no specific order): 5. "Oh, you're just taking a large sack of laundry for a walk through a bank and thought you'd wear a stocking over your head as a fashion statement. Sounds okay with us - off you go! Hmmm, wonder what those loud bells are about?" 4. "Oh, you're just seeing if your knife will fit into that man's already open wound! Looks like a sure fit to me!" 3. "Oh, that undressed school girl you are handling was actually choking and you were giving her a heimlich maneuver. While doing so your pants just happened to fall off and you accidently penetrated her. The reason your hand is over her mouth is she started to have an asthma attack at the same time! Sounds plausible to us!" 2. "Oh, you were dangling that man off the top of the building as he was trying to see if your friends were on the floor below. He accidently slipped from your hands and plumetted twenty stories to the ground! Seems fine to us. Off you go!" 1. "Oh, that man asked all four of you Yakuza dudes to beat the crap out of him till he had a brain hemorrhage! Well, don't let us interupt!" Worlds Largest Catfish Caught. Forget Live 8 - just breed these babies - End world Hunger NOW, eat a rock star! Top 5 Pet Names For Giant Catfish: 5. Glub Glub 4. Mr Bubbles 3. Roxor the Destroyer! 2. Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and desert! 1. Fluffy Twelve Apostles down to Eight In Victoria, Australia, near a place called Port Campbell there are these nine .. um, were these nine limestone monoliths off the shore called the Twelve Apostles. I visited the twelve Apostles about twenty years ago. Since my visit, they lost the bit called "London Bridge" and now one of the apostles has crumbled to dust. It looks like CNN has the only picture to go with the story that I can find. I wanted one with a before and after shot - but alas, the before shot is all there is left. I am wondering if one of the tourists had a camera going at the time and actually got footage of it. If they did, I haven't heard of it being around. Still, a BEFORE and AFTER shot would have been nice to see. Top Five Things the other Eight Apostles thought when they saw the ninth one crumble: 5. Well someone's had one too many. 4. Lazy bastard! Always lying down on the job. 3. COME BACK! WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID? 2. It's too cold for a swim you idiot! 1. The grassy knoll! The shooters behind the grassy knoll!!! 125 Top Unanswered Questions Resently they released a list of the top 125 unanswered questions at Science Magazine. One of my pet questions is amongst this top 125. It's this one: What is the nature of the glassy state? Molecules in a glass are arranged much like those in liquids but are more tightly packed. Where and why does liquid end and glass begin? The reason it is one of my pet questions, is that most people usual think they have an answer - and when they ask me, I am normally the only person who will respond with the correct answer of "Scientist DON'T KNOW!", which really peaves people off. After all, am I not known for being a "know-it-all". (Which explains such nicknames as "The Font of all knowledge", "The Wiz Kid" and "Legend") Yet, this is the correct answer! If scientist don't know, then how the frig would I. It leans back into the debate about the Is Glass Solid or Liquid? I did start a big explanation of the Liquid versus Solid debate, but I realised most people won't bother to read it. Macroscopically, it's solid - Microscopically it's liquid! That's the quick dirty version of it, and the reason why Scientist have the unanswered question above. [Don't you love it when I delete pages of explanation and just shut up?] :-) Top Five Unanswered Questioned About Dabido 5. Will you shut up? 4. Why don't you shut up? 3. Can't you shut up already? 2. How long before you SHUT THE F*** UP? 1. OMG he shutup! Are you really finished speaking?