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07 July, 2005

Date my Mate!

Tired of dating the usual old floooosey? Want a Change from those Supermodels with IQ's less than their bra size? Have I got a deal for you!!!!!!
Yes, my friend Suanie has asked for some help finding a suitable mate - f***buddy - male - boyfriend - shaved chimpanzee ... or something like that! Click on the picture and it will link you to her site - in fact, it will link you to her ADVERTISMENT for herself. Some say it is the ultimate in marketing techniques, some say it is an abuse of the Internet (hmmm ... must lack pron), other's just don't mention it and scurry away when you bring the subject up! Regardless of what it is - it is still a good chance for some lucky guy (Yes, I mean lucky) to date an intelligent young lady who has a good sense of humour and is still very flexible! (Don't beleive me? Check out the site! Go on - click the picture, you know you want to!)
BEST OF LUCK SUANIIIIIEEEEEE! And don't blame me if you only get half brained baboons contacting you - they don't read my site, so they must have linked in from somewhere else! :-) WARNING! Not to be used as a toy!