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06 July, 2005

Superhero Meme

It's been said that everyone is the hero of their own life. At other times, it's been said that everyone is a hero waiting to happen. Surely if we extend that thought, isn't everyone a Superhero? (Even if it is only to ones own life?) Which brings us to: Dabido's SUPERHERO MEME!!!! So, what sort of Superhero are you? Every Superhero has a Name which basically encompasses something about them. Example: Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman. What is your Superhero Name? Dabido (Teflon) the baka one! Every Superhero has a Secret Identity (or alter ego). Example: Spiderman - Peter Parker. Batman - Bruce Wayne. Superman - Clark Kent. Who is your secret identity? (Probably your own name ... unless you have another) David - the Not as Baka as he seems to be. Every Secret Identity does something to conceal their Superheroness to the world. Example: Peter Parker - News Photographer; Clark Kent - wimp .. i mean news reporter; Bruce Wayne - Gay Bachelor Millionaire. What does your secret identity do (as part of their disguise)? Write - paint - write - play guitar - write - IT work - write - sleeps, eats etc. - read. Every Superhero has a history as to how they evolved/came to be. Example: Superman is from a race of superior beings on Krypton. Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive/genetically altered spider. What is the history which developed you to become the superhero you are today? The Baka one was abandoned on the streets of Sydney to defend for himself. Having taught himself the secrets of Tantra sex, avoidance of mundane work and how to put would be muggers to sleep with his incessant babbling, he moved on to greater things. His natural ability to turn molehills into mountains has astounded many, who found his impenetrable Teflon Suit deflected many a would be love interest. His innate reasoning ability has proven worthy of deflecting any sensible notion put his way in preference for procrastination and sleep. He learned that money wasn't everything when he ran out of money! He also learned at the same time, that money can buy an awful lot of things that 'No Money' just can't buy. Money can't buy you love, but if you get married the sex is free for the first few months. Every Superhero has Superpowers (or gadgets in Batmans case). Example: Superman can fly - deflect bullets - X-Ray Vision etc What are your superpowers? (Can be more than one)
  • Put people to sleep just with his constant babbling. (Leaving them open for hypnotic suggestion).
  • Able to take on vast quantities of study and manage to avoid it all (while occassionally getting a High Distinction - or lesser type Pass with little to no effort).
  • Can program a computer to do the mundane work while he reads a book.
  • Can write with both hands at the same time (sometimes writing two different things with each hand!)
  • Dyslexia allows him to misunderstand any written information put in front of him.
  • Can vomit almost at will on would be attackers!
  • Ability to absorb huge quantities of information and spit facts out at random.
  • Ability to absorb huge quantities of food.
Every Superhero has special equipment (or often has it) Example: Wonderwomans Gold Lassoo and invisible plane. Batmans - batmobile - bat plane - baterrang - batcomputer - batcave -well bat everything - bat cereal even! What special Superhero equipment do you possess?
  • Teflon Suit for deflecting love interests.
  • Teflon Computer - for working out all those things he can't be bothered doing.
  • Digital Camera - Laser Printer - Scanner - Software.
  • Fender Stratocaster - Korg M1 - Electric Bass - Classical Guitar.
  • A large library of books - most of them read.
Every Superhero has an arch Nemisis (in some cases two or more) Example: Spiderman - The Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus; Superman - Lex Luther Who is your arch nemisis?
  • Baka Manager - Evil villian who has no reasoning ability what-so-ever.
  • The Time Waster - Evil Villian who thinks nothing better than waste the time of innocent people. (Usually found in Government Departments - but can be seen elsewhere)
  • The Evil Chef - Evil Villian who doesn't understand that a food allergy to PIG CAN KILL!
  • The Dumbass Doctor - Evil Villian who thinks patients are their to earn them money, NOT to be treated or for the Doctor to make them well.
  • The Politician - Dumbass who thinks that the peopel are there for them, and not that they are there for the people.
Every Superhero has a weakness of some sort. Example: Superman - Kryptonite; Batman - Robin; Wonderwoman - Finding a bra to hold her ...um ... equipment. What is your Superhero Weakness?
  • Chocolate - Coffee - Beer - Orange Juice - Stress: All give my stomach internal bleeding.
  • Pork (any pig bits actually): Anaphalactic shock.
  • Asian Women: Drive me wild! :-)
  • Fats, Sugar, oils, Soya etc: Gives me wind (Thar she blows!)
  • Being rather pedantic about somethings.
Every Superhero has a love interest of some sort. (Normally worshiped from afar). Example: Spiderman - Mary-Jane Watson; Batman - Robin; Superman - Lois Lane. Who is your Superhero love interest?
  • Japan - yes the whole friggin' country. But just some of the girls in any sort of sexual way.
  • Pizza! (In an eating sort of way)
  • Guitars . (In a music sort fo a way)
  • Currently between human love interests.
Every Superhero has a fancy Catchprase(s) they like to use a lot! Example: Spiderman: "Whoops ... Spidey senses tingling!" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Cowabunga Dudes!" What is your Superhero Catchphrase?
  • There's a reason for that.
  • D'oh! - Bodoh Dabido! - Baka Dabido!
  • Ptttthhhhhh!
  • Are you NUTS?
  • Yeah, yeah! Sure, sure!
Rules of the meme:
  1. Leave a comment saying "I am a Superhero". (That way the poster knows you have grabbed the Meme).
  2. You must answer all questions and post the answers on your blog / site.
  3. You must leave a link to your site / blog as part of the comment (some automatically include this as part of your name).
  4. You will include all these rules.