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20 July, 2005

To Sue Or Not To Sue?

Okay - there's these people, they've been making my life a misery. I've tried talking to them, but they won't listen. I've battled them for the past two years - and they are costing me jobs and money. I've complained to the Government, I've complained to them time and time again - I've also recently written to a LOT of people - local Government Officials, a Current Affairs program on TV for help - basically anyone I could think of to help resolve the issue. It's days like these that I feel I am completely lone fighting a group or morons who think nothing better than taking what's mine, stopping me from working, wasting my time and just generally being dirt bags. Like - I'm NOT on Unemployment Benefits. I'm paying my own way through this world. It's not like I am a f**king moron who needs to be treated like a kid. I too need to make a living and I too want to spend training credits which are rightfully mine. These moron's however, think they have the right to make my life a misery if I don't do things there way! Doing things THEIR way means getting a job in a factory which I dont' want to do - and I don't HAVE to do - and I CANNOT do because of my allergies!! They have a tunnel vision problem, where they think I am some sort of slave to their machinations and have to do what they tell me too. This leaves me at a crossroad!
  • Do I sell everything and leave NOW for the UK. It's before my planned time.
  • Do I wait, then sell everything and then leave for the UK.
  • Do I sell everything, and use it to complete my training on my own (without help from my training credits), then leave for the UK
  • Do I sue the living bulls**t out of them - and then leave for the UK.
  • There are a few other options I haven't put here.
The main reason I am thinking about sueing them, is they are putting other people through a similar situation. Only, everyone is too friggin' scared to stand up to them. I am in trouble, because I'm not afraid of authority. These people have done their worst to me, and today, I was phoned up and ASKED to return to talking to them! Are they NUTS!!!! Why, after escaping the viper pit, would I stick myself back in there. Of course, a lot of people have always said this was one of my faults - I'm not afraid of authority, and I stand up and tell them where to go when they are being d**kheads! Dont' get me wrong, I am actualyl very nice, quite and sweet most of the time. My ex-wife says I have a low tolerance to idiots. I guess that explains it. List of things I have said to managers:
  • You're a d**khead!
  • F*** off I quit!
  • Try using your BRAIN!
  • Do you even have a CLUE what you are talking about?
  • Did someone f*** you in the head or something?
Yeah, I've said even more things than that. The guy I called a "d***head" threatened to have me sacked! The guy I said, "F*** off I quit!" to asked me to stay, and told me he'd been called worse. Funny the different reactions. Anyway, I think I have established that I occassionally speak my mind, even before engaging the brain. These managers in turn have called me all sorts of stuff under the sun. 'Hot head' is one of them. One manager complained I had a 'Personality disorder' when I opposed him on something illegal. Needless to say, I won that one. Why did he think I had a personality disorder? Well, it's just another name calling exercise. He was probably wanting me to cave into his stupid idea! I think he had a personality disorder - he didn't like people questioning his decissions, and after the whole affair, he acted like I was his friend or something. I should have taken a different tact with him. He was surprised when I later helped him with a problem. I was just being professional and doing my job. It's more than I can say for him. Anyway - the current situation I am in - the questino facing me today is - to sue, or not to sue. If I sue, I can lose everything I own - but a win will make the world a better place for people. If I don't sue, then more people will suffer at the hands of these morons, and these morons will take more things away from the poor and down troden. What to do? There is part of me which wishes to stand and fight and teach these morons a lesson. There is another part which says, 'this is all part of the system. Beating the system is nearly impossible even when you are in the right.' Of course, as a Christian, these questions form in a different way in my mind. The first thing is, 'What does God want me to do?' (I never ask the question, 'What would Jesus do?' - it's nearly impossible to answer and almost ever Christian on the planet has a different answer based on their own bias!) Still, What does God want me to do? Am I to stand up and fight for the little guy, knowing that even if I win I will hardly make a ripple on the face of the planet? Or do I just want to fight these people because they are hurting me and I want to strike back at them? Will making a stand just cost me money in the long run, which I can use elsewhere? Like in my move to the UK . I hate these sorts of decisions in life - because when you make the wrong decision, you get screwed over greatly, and when you make the right decision, you get very little in reward or satisfaction. The right decision just leads to being screwed over less. It's always better than being totally screwed over. On top of that, I still have my mother and youngest brother to protect here at home. I don't like the idea of leaving them to look after themselves - but I have to keep reminding myself, they survived without me before.