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08 July, 2005

Another Good Day

Had another good day at work today - pity I don't get paid for it! Chas would love to see me come to work for him as the Assistant Manager, but there is still the hurdle of getting me into the interview ranks. It doesn't matter too much anyway. If I don't get it, then I'll go to the UK (even after the bomb blasts - I still think it might be the best thing for me to do). Well, I deliberately got to work early today - only to find I was locked out. Rob turned up to do his "work for the dole", but the other girl didn't. Rob and I waited forty minutes before Chas turned up. He'd been at a meeting with his Sargent, which is why he was late. Morning started slowly - not much to do, but as the day progressed it got busier. I was supposed to take some photo's of the club with a digital camera for the website - only the rechargable batteries were flat. Stuck them on the recharger but didn't have time to take the photo's at the end of the day. Too many other things happened during the day to put them all in. They were all small niggly little things anyway - nothing exciting ... except maybe this:
Funny thing happened today - a guy phoned up telling me that I had won fourteen days at some resort somewhere with my respective partner, provided I pay $175! I told him, "I don't want a holiday. You've phoned a PCYC, we're a charity organisation. We don't buy anything here, people donate to us." He replied that I wasn't listening, and that I had won it. I told him, we don't buy anything here, people donate things. If you want to donate it, we'll accept it, but no one is interested in it. He said, "You don't understand. We're selling something, NOT giving it away." He then asked if there was someone else there he could talk to who might like to buy it. I todl him, "No!" A few hours later, he phoned back and asked Chas the same thing. Chas basically said, "No" and the guy asked to speak to his manager! ROFL! Chas told him he was the manager, and the guy hung up on him! ROFL! Telemarketing is for idiots! If you have to telemarket, you should reconsider your life! (IMHO) If I want to buy it, I'll look for it on the internet or in person! I don't need idiots phoning me up wasting my time trying to sell me something I DON'T WANT! Yeah sure, they all try to convince you that you'll save money! It's a shame! How do you save money buying something you don't want??? So what if it is cheaper! Half the price of something I don't want won't make me want to buy it!
I arrived home - my mother insisted on talking to me for an hour after I got home. Mainly about the terror attack on London (see previous post). Better information is coming to light now. The six (nine) explosions are now down to being only four! Three on trains and one on a bus. The death toll is at 54 at present with a possibility of rising. My mother is worried about some of her relatives in the UK. I am working on the impression that if none of them phone to say someone died, then they are all okay.
I decided to watch one of the five DVD's I rented last Sunday. So far I have seen one - and even though I have plenty of time - I just wasn't in the mood to watch any. Even when watching 'Frida' I still had this nervous energy about me. Was difficult to watch (not because the film was bad - I quite enjoyed it). I just couldn't stay still, and stopped it a few times for drinks and for dinner. So now I've watched two of them. I also have another DVD out from the local library (as opposed to the Video store) which I haven't seen either. I guess I'll try to watch them tomorrow - actually, I started trying to watch one of them - a Danger Mouse DVD that my brother selected - but it really needs to have some digital remastering done on it. It looked grainy and had problems in it. The colour was pretty bad too.
Tomorrow I plan to go back to the LDS genealogy library and try to trace my ancestors back even further than what I already have. I've spent a lot of time this week trying to sort it into a workable mess (as opposed to an unworkable one). I've traced one part of the tree back eight generations - that's even further than my Mother's Cousin and Father's Cousin have doen their respective parts of the tree (whom I must give credit to, as they have also spent hours researching their parts of the family tree, which they supplied to me for free. In return, I'll try to supply any parts of the family tree back to them). Not much happening. I think I might stick some more drawings etc in the next post.