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12 July, 2005

Quick Tuesday Entry

Spent the day writing another long letter to a Government Department. In this case the Department of Employment and Work Place Relations. I doubt it will have any effect - nothing moves the Government to do the right thing except public humiliation from the Media. Let's hope something happens. Anyway - I e-mailed two people whom I've mentioned in the letter to get their approval before I actually send it. I've also mentioned I'll be sending it to the Media - because like I just said, nothing moves the Government to action like public humiliation! I doubt it will move them to anything - my last resort is basically telling them that I'll move to the UK if something isn't done to allow me to use my training credits. It's not a bluff - it's something I am working towards, and I have no problems leaving Australia if push comes to shove. I think like most idiots, they'll probably mistake it as an empty threat. If they knew me well enough, they'd realise that I dont' make empty threats - First rule of living NEVER EVER MAKE A THREAT YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO CARRY OUT. In the case of moving to the UK - I still have to wait for an exit of the stock market/managed funds from my Financial Advisor - I hope he gets back to me soon, as I wish to exit as soon as possible. The sooner I exit, the sooner I can start booking air travel etc. Then I'll be GONE! Anyway - as soon as I have approval from the two people I've asked, the letters are being sent off - one to DEWR - one to Federal Labour Member - one to Federal Liberal Member - two to the local newspaper in this state - and two to the TV statiosn who run current affair programs. So everyone will know what a farce the Government is running with my training credits. I doubt it will have any effect whatsoever. Anyway, I don't like having these nazi's with their jackboots trying to ruin my life! I've had enough, and I'm moving to the UK if something isn't done - which probably means I am moving to the UK. Other than that, I helped Melisa a bit with her Computer Science homework (and it was a very little bit - she was trying to drag up memories I've been repressing!) Anyway, time for me to sleep I think. Hopefully tomorrow I can send those letters, and get my Learnign Tape made for my CCNA, to help me memorise it all.