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13 July, 2005

F***ing Migraines!

Woke up this morning - had a headach and found my mouth splint was covered in blood. I had a good look in my mouoth to see if I could find the bleeding, but couldn't see it. I was coughing up a lot of bloody phlegm for a while. The headache kept getting worse. Was heading towards a migraine. I decided to take some migraine medication before it became too difficult. I was sitting at my computer typing away and I could still feel the headache while I was slowly getting drowsier and my limbs were getting heavier. I was so darn relaxed. Eventually, I went and had a lie down on the lounge. When I woke up, both the dogs were sleeping with me next to the lounge. As soon as I was siting up, one of them, Toby, lept up and decided it was play time! So he started licking my hands. Then the other one, Ellie decided if Toby was licking me, then she needed to. Eeeewww! I hate dogs licking my hands. Anyway, I got a phone call today, regarding a potential job. I think I might have this one, as they asked me to bring my bank details, my super annuation details and my tax file number with me. That's a pretty good sign. I spoke with Chas at the PCYC, as I will be at an interview tomorrow. I told him I'd try to get to the PCYC in the afternoon. I spoke to him regarding my letter to the DEWR. Anyway, I'm still pretty wiped out from the Migraine medication and I think I'll have to have an early night. A few good things to watch on TV, so I'll take my time to sit and relax and watch it. :-)