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18 July, 2005

Final Destination & Philosophy

Have you ever got into one of the philosophical discussions where someone suddenly uses the Movie 'Final Destination' as proof for their position? I used to have it happen all the time. I'd never seen the movie so was short on information to understand what the person/s were raving on about. It was particularly painful during one discussion where someone went into great detail about the bit where the car is parked on the railway tracks. A freight train starts to come towards them along the tracks. The guy decides to start the car, but alas, it won't start. Then he decides to get out of the car, but alas, his seat belt is suddenly stuck and won't unfasten. (I won't tell you what happens next). Anyway, any religious/philosophical discussion which involves Free will / Predestination always seems to have some idiot who suddenly decides that 'Final Destination' is like, 'the gospel'. They then quote it to prove that everything is predestined to happen; Or that you can cheat something predestined, through free will and intervention. Well, I saw this movie yesterday, and guess what - IT'S ONLY A MOVIE! That's right - actually, I used to use that arguement even before I saw the movie. Movies are NOT scientific or logical proofs of any position. Sure, some are morality plays which make a stand for or against something. Others are BASED on true stories, (which normally means they use the names of a few REAL people and a few REAL facts and the rest was completely made up!) I don't think the makers of 'Final Destination' were trying to convert people into believing or not believing in Predestination though. They were just trying to make a good movie. Okay, some good scenes in the movie. When Carters GF bites the dust - that was done really well. I liked Sean William Scott always being hit when on his bicycle too. Anyway, we should stick this film in the category it should be in - Teen Horror Flick. There is no nudity (aaawww!) , no sex scene (aaaawww!) or anything like that. Unusual for a teen flick - but I think the movie is better for it. It's nice to see a movie where the heroes don't suddenly strip off and bonk each other while death is stalking them. Most hack'n'slash teen flicks often have a scene where this happens:
Thank goodness we escaped that axe weilding maniac! Quick, let's have sex Bobby!
Betty starts to strip naked.
Yeah, it was really good we escaped! WOW! BOOOBIES!
Two minutes gratuitous nudity and sex simulation. As they are going for it, a shadow looms over their naked bodies.
Betty OH My! OH MY Oh ... Bobby, look out!
Camera pans left to reveal a mirror. We see the flash of a blade slashing across the screen. Betty screams as blood squirts across the mirror. Camera pans further left. We see the Axe Weilding maniac's back as he leaves the room laughing. Yes, no matter how much mortal danger a teenager gets in, there is always time for nookie - even if it means an early and untimely death. The only reason I got this movie out, is it seemed a good thing to watch after 'The Butterfly Effect', and also, I thought it was time I understood what those 'philosophic' morons were going on about. After seeing the deleted scenes (and alternate ending) I was pleased that the makers of the film chose to end it the way they did. Of course, there are some philisophical questions which can be raised from this film. Unfortunately, they are just some old ones which have been pondered for many years.
  • "Does Predestination Exist?";
  • "If so, can you use Free Will to avoid an untimely death?";
  • "Should we avoid going to France in Aeroplanes?";
  • "Why is there at least one teenager in a 'teen horror flick' who acts like a complete moron in the face of obvious mortal danger?"
Answer to the last one:
  • a. To differentiate them from the obvious hero/heroines in the piece;
  • b. So they can kill them off in some obviously concocted method that even an Epsilon Moron wouldn't get themselves into in real life;
  • c. Increase the body count;
  • d. So you actually CHEER when they get killed (Thank goodness they're out of the gene pool);
  • e. Why the FRIG NOT!!!! :-)
Yeah, I gave that answer away for free - other philisophical insights will cost you. Bwahahahahaaha! Anyway, I thought the movie was Okay. Didn't scare me at all. If anyone ever tries to use it as proof either for or against predestination - just laugh at them! ;-)