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15 July, 2005

Nothing I can Do, Nothing I can say ...

Ah yeah! Every so often in life, you run into the sort of people who just WILL NOT take anything for an answer other than what they want to hear. Monday Meeting - You might remember me mentioning it - what REALLY went down - first of all, I arrived. The meeting room was packed, and I had to take a seat around the outside of the meeting room with another two guys. I was told to explain something as soon as I arrived, so I did. In fact, the person tried to use the question to make something sound like it was my fault, but I told him the truth, and it made him look like an idiot. (Yeah, I know, I am scant on details - but there is a reason for that. This isn't bitching in order to put people down - they are fool enough to do that themselves). Anyway - They ended up reading out a whole stack of crap which really was no concern of mine. I had to listen to it all anyway - at the end of the meeting, I was supposed to fill in a form regarding the crap they read out. I told them it was irrelevant to me. The guy next to me gave me a copy of the form anyway, and I had a quick look through it to confirm that it was 100% irrelevant (always have to make sure). It was. Before I left, I spoke to one of the guys - Santosh about my plans to go to the UK. Actually, he ASKED ME about how it was going. Well, we had a talk. Anyway, the person whom I was supposed to give the form to was talking to other people - so I walked out. (I wasn't waiting around to talk to her again - she never listens and I've complained about her before). So off I went. It was 12:10 PM anyway - ten minutes after I had to be there. Today, I was in trouble. Her version of events. - David arrived, refused to talk to anyone - refused to read the list of things and walked out without saying anything to anyone! I always find it amazing when people deliberately LEAVE OUT DETAILS of what actually happened in order to make it seem like they were doing the right thing. (Or to make out I was doing the wrong thing). I explained it all this morning, and was told that they were going to phone the people concerned. They were all in a meeting. Still, once again they managed to waste a good amount of my time. Over an hour waiting to see someone concerning the event. Oh well, I wrote and sent a complaint about them days ago - so hopefully someone somewhere is listening or watching. I'm sick and tired of this crap, and I want it to end. (ah, but aren't we all!)