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22 July, 2005

Buttons I am about to add to my Blog

OneI invented - don't know what to connect it to. :-) The best Sci-Fi show ever! (Or you can kiss my shiney metal ass!) Blog naked! Yeah, I dare ya too! (Then send me the pictures!) :-) Another one of mine - actually, I tried doing some in Japanese - but didn't work - I'll fix it up to do a Japanese one later! :-) Mars needs guitars - let's send all the crap bands there! Aussie Blog - showing my Aussie colours - no matter how much I hate this Anti-Aussie Government, I'm still a TRUE patriot through and through. Who links to me - I already ahve a 'who links to me' link - I'll replace with a button. My own personalise button - just in case you wanna link this way! Yep! I'm 100% male and anyone who disagrees will get my high heeled stiletto in their back and my hand bag across their head! Pink Floyd! My favourite Rock'n' and Rollin' band EVER! Adobe Acrobat one Wishlist - buy me something nice already! :-) Awwww! It's all about ME ME ME! If you don't have sacrcasm, you haven't been paying attention! For my Archives Amnesty International - let's hope they are still around if we ever get stuck in some Nazi Gulag somewhere. Battle Royale - Got this movie out on DVD once - my mother hated it! hee hee No Aspartame - been known to give people brain seizures and to One of the many Anti-virus tools I use. I've installed Apache about three times in my old career as a System Admin. Nice web server. Not sure if this is a brand logo I don't know about - but I certainly like Banana the Fruit and the old Banana Split show. Yahoo Zone Alarm - one of the many firewalls I run (Yes, I run a few - I'd rather have the complexity of running several firewalls that having someone hack me) Wikipedia - open encyclodedia you can edit. Warcraft - actually, I think I uninstalled this lol but I have Warcraft II onwards. Were another of my blogs is stored. Yeah! Go Vegetarian! Vodka - my other poison when I ain't drinking Scotch & Cokes! Plac eto buy Geek stuff. Trackback - need I say more? Being the BIG Terry Pratchet fan that I am (and who in Aussie isn't) here is Unseen University. Slashdot - somewhere I lurk everyday - sometimes making litle jokes that never get a mod! :-) One of my favourite shows - can't wait for the return of Kudos and Kang! I chose this one, but then I thought Envy might be better - I was so jealous someone else already had it! :-) Search Here comes a warm machine (to quote Bush - Bush the band, NOT GW) :-) AfterLust and Sex Machine, you probably find it hard to believe I'm still 100% pure! :-) Apple Quicktime Python- the language named after the Monty crew! Geeeeeeek! hee hee 0% sane - Go Insane! not Coping - the world isn't, why should I ! One Ring - so many dirty jokes from LOTR. Blog Entry Pizza - the other food source. Open Office - my choice in Office Software Neon Genesis Evangelion! Cool Anime! There is NO SPOON already! If ya gonna die - go smoke somewhre else and do it! No Logo - yep! DON'T SEND ME SPAM Music to my ears! My space Movies Love Anime ... Don't you? Yep! 100% Single Hetero Male! May - month of the ... um .. Mayites. Let's get this band together! 1-2-3 TWANG! Yeah! I hate MEAN FRIGGIN' PEOPLE! Jesus Buttons! (These ones go to heaven!) Homo Page .. .I mean Home page! Darn! Coke - goes with scotch like scotch and coke! Java - another thing I can pretend to program in! wanted to find the C and C++ buttons ... but they are un-invented yet! Hitchhikers - The BOOK not the movie! (Also the radio series!) Hellos Kitty! A smart kitty! I saw the Hello Kity Hub cover the same day I saw the Hello Kitty Vibrator and toilet paper! One nice pussy! :-) Griffindore! Need we saw more? Got issues! Oh yeah! Check out my baggage baby! :-) Hand coded - the way most of my Websites get put together (and often the HTML on this site too, as the click and chose crap adds unnecessary code) Search Google GNU Emacs! You've believe a Yak can type! :-) Linux! Operating system of Cool Penguins! Gimp - for those who can't afford Photoshop, or don't want to! Gemini - Best birth sign ever! both of them! My freindster site. Fortran 77 - learnt it as University as part of my Physics Degree. Fire Fox - my browser of choice Family Guy - another great adult cartoon! FAQ - Yeah! FAQ U 2!!!!! Um .. I mean Frequesntly Asked Questions! Dilbert Principle - everyones an idiot! It's So True! Pitty the TV series was crap! Donate - okay links no where - just send food! Dead Head - all those Grateful Dead fans (Yes, the Egyptian Book of the dead refers to them rowing in Amon-Ra's ship!) Go Dolphins! My American football team! I used to play for the Sutherland Seahawks (NSW) and the NSW state team! Disclaimer - I'll write one just after the pre-amble. The Daily Show - best news service form the US ever! Go Cunucks! Okay, this si for my friend Emily! My Grandfather used to play Ice Hockey - I haven't, though I've watched a few fights ... I mean games! CuteFTP - another application I use. Dark Angel - A show I used to watch! Hope the animation for this works! Blog Shares Listed site! Make Poverty history Site Books - love to read. To be a leader, you MUST be a reader! :-) Blogger! Powered by MY BRAIN!