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24 April, 2005

Poems - Colder Than the Moon - Insecure - Darker Places

Printed below are three of my poems. I haven't included any of the epics (like "Orange Crush Sun" goes on for about six pages or something!) I didn't include any of my love poetry here ... it's probably too mushy and stuff for the internet. I'll just write some brief notes concerning the poems below, mainly what they're about. On a general note, I usually write when I am depressed, so if it comes across that way, it's probably reflecting the mood I was in. Sometimes I can write when I am happy. I like to re-read my poetry afterwards as it cheers me up. I know that sounds a bit weird, but it works. I divide my poetry into a few different categories; Depressed, Love Poetry, Artistic, Manic, Songs (because some of them start as poems and turn into songs ... or the other way round. So they include versus and choruses), and miscellaneous. (With possible over lapping of some poems). Colder Than the Moon - This piece is both a poem and a song. The song lyrics are similar, but not the same as the poem below. Basically, I wrote this while going through my divorce, so it's really just about that. Don't read anything else into it. This one I probably classify as depressed, love and song. Insecure - Also about my divorce. Probably because I was feeling very insecure in every aspect of my life at that time. Well, it was written a long time after my divorce, but I was still feeling the negative effects from it. Fits in the depressed category. Darker Places - Just about my depression. A lot of my Depressed Poetry explores dark themes and sometimes depression (the state of being depressed) in general. No prizes for the category this one fits into.
Colder Than the Moon Colder than the moon That drifts across the endlessness. Your unloving touch, That lacks the needed tenderness.

Across the great expanse, It drifts and dimly glows. You the only one, Who chose to change friends to foes.

Clouds drift across the face, Concealing Lunar's mirth. Hidden within your breast. The most distant place on Earth.

Too distant to touch, The surface cold and dark. Colder than the moon, The feelings in your heart.


Sometimes When lying here alone I wonder Insecure Will you come home? Will you still like me?

When everyone else Has left and forsaken me Lonely Abandoned Wondering anxiously Awaiting some word.

For words we had Too many and not the ones That I wanted to hear That I needed Needed to reassure Talk Talk to me I need to hear I am still wanted It's Okay to be near.

I pour out my feelings. What do you care?

Darker Places

The darker places That I find Myself inhabit In my mind.

Twisted depression Takes me low Nobody cares Nobodies close.

I'd like to run And find a place Where no one can see My heartfelt aches.

I'd like to hide From all my woes The darker places That I chose.

Darkly unified To strike and scorch My fragile soul Scathed and torched.

Wrecked and weakened Ever onward Seeking substance In darker solice.