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25 April, 2005

Worried about my right arm.

I'm very worried about my right arm at present. I've been having a problem where the thing keeps going numb, and my right hand keeps swelling up. There is also a throbing involved. I'll have to book myself in to see the Doctor on Wednesday or something. Not sure why, but it's like the blood doesn't want to travel through it or something. I'm wondering if working in the factory has anything to do with it. When I told my mother and brother, the first thing my brother said was it was heavy metal poisoning. Ai Carumba! I hope it isn't. Either way though, it needs to be looked at. When the right hand swells up, I can't even make a fist from it. Not only can I not close it, as it's too swollen, but it hurts. Anyway, it seems liek some sort of circulation issue to me. In the meantime, the factory work has been playing havoc on my wrists. I wake up in the morning with pains in my wrists. Doing things like writing or typing cause them to hurt a lot. I was also getting very sharp pains in my feet from standing up too much. It's hard standing up for eight hours straight (well, there is a twenty minute break for lunch ... but it's not much help). Anyway, I have two interviews tomorrow, so I am hoping I get an IT job again, where I can sit on my fat arse and do more mental work. In the meantime, a trip to the Doctors might be in order just to see what the possible cause might be. Not sure what else to type tonight ... wrists and hands are still in a lot of pain. Guess I'll spend some of tonight getting ready for tomorrow.