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29 April, 2005

Busy Day

Today was another busy day. Started off by visiting the Doctor regarding my right arm issue. My CT scan showed nothing (Negative result) which was good, as it means I at least didn't have an aneurysm or anything. Still, a negative result means they still don't know what the issue is. I'm booked in to see a Neurologist on Thursday, who will run some ECG Scan or something to make sure my nerves are still sending signals to my fingers and stuff. My fourth and fifth fingers are still numb. At least the swelling in the hands has gone away, and the numbness is not all over my arms anymore. Other big thing today, was a trip to see my tax accountant again. Second time this week. We got a bit more sorted out, but were unable to finish it again. I was a bit p**ed off as I was asked to get certain documents, when we were going through it, the tax guy went to ask his supervisor about one of the documents, and the supervisor claimed that he'd asked that we get my Policy Number. It wasn't true. At no time had the supervisor asked my advisor for that previously, nor had he asked me. (In fact I had everything they'd asked for in writing, so I have the proof I hadn't been asked). Fortuitously, I did have that policy number with my anyway. Still, it's annoying having supervisors like that, who don't ask for something, and then pretend like it was their underlings fault that it wasn't provided. Well, the other document I didn't have in my possession, so we've had to contact my Financial Institution for a copy. I think if the document was sent to me, it was probably sent to my old address and not forwarded on. I would have remembered something like that, if I had of received it. Another interview set up for next Tuesday. I received an e-mail claiming that he couldn't get through to my phone. It was strange, as the phone hasn't rung all day. So I e-mailed back to tell the guy to phone ... and he did without a problem. I'm not sure why it didn't work before. We'll see how the interview goes on Tuesday now. I wonder if the problem was at his end, as I tried to access their website, and it was down. Very strange. Tomorrow off to another trading seminar. Have to remember to go. :-)