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27 April, 2005

Yesterday - Today

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. Started by going to get my tax done. Discovered something pretty bad, I didn't have all my tax documents and stuff. It's not that I knew I had to have it. So it's pretty weird. Actually, one of the problems was one of the documents concerning my shares was completely wrong (or something). It claims I've sold shares ... yet couldn't list them. In the end the Accountant has had to send off a request to get the information needed regarding them. I was left with two things to find as well. A statement which proves that my Income Protection is tax deductable, and another one which has to do with my SuperAnnuation. The Super one I can't find at present. I'm going to have to spend a lot of time digging around. The tax was such a problem that I missed my trading seminar in the city. I got into the city and found I was half an hour late for the seminar ... which is half of the seminar. I then had an hour to wait for my first job interview. It was a pretty hot day, and I was sweating like the provebial pig. (Which as some might point out, don't actually sweat at all!) I eventually found the best spot to be, which was actually outside the building I had the interview in. So I sat there for fifteen minutes or so and went to the interview fifteen minutes early. The interview went really well. I'd made it into the final four, and the interviewer told me I was a really strong candidate. (Actually, he let slip that I was the strongest, but then changed it to "strong"). I was going to get a call or e-mail to set up an interview on Friday. Sounded good. I then had to waste another two hours before the next interview. I decided to eat some subway and spent some time looking for a free toilet to use. I found most in Perth you need to pay for. Eventually, I went into Myers and decided I'd use their fascilities. Big mistake. I walked into the only available cubicle, and thought it was muddy water on the floor. Nope! The stench was pretty bad. So I had to back out of that cubicle trying not to step in the water. Ewwwwwwww! Off to the next interview. Easy to find. This was paying pretty low, but is better than working in a factory (I guess). Seemed like they were trying to sell the job for me. By this time of day, I wasn't too enthused, as it'd been a long day, and was late. I exited that interview with the feeling they thought I wasn't interested in the job. Oh well, if they offered it to me, I'd take it. I am probably a the bottom of their list of people to hire. Had to catch a late bus home, and found that it didn't go via my street, so had a ten minute walk from the bus stop to home. Was exhausted. Told my brother and mother about the day, and watched some TV, then went to bed.
Woke up at 5 AM. Was sort of intending to go to work, but the swollen hands, numbness of my arms and general all round pain of the weekend made me decide to visit the Doctor instead. I phoned to book myself into see my Dr, who was Shanti [last name withheld]. Apparently, there are a few of them working there with the same last name now. They assumed I had meant another Dr, with same last name. When they told me it was a 'HE' Dr, I was a bit confused. I was booked in for 5 PM. Long wait. My mother's car wouldn't start, so I got to drive her to my sisters place this morning. After thinking about it, I phoned back and asked to see another Dr. They said, Sure, we'll let you see the Dr's sister. I then thought, "Oh! That must be Shanti." They then told me, "No, it's Hamar." I turned up on time, and sure enough, there were lot of Dr's with the same surname. I got to see Dr Hamar, who definitely wasn't Dr Shanti. So, not sure if Shanti was Hamar's sister or sister in law. So confusing. Anyway. Dr Hamar is pretty nice, so was happy to have her as my Doctor. Spoke to Dr Hamar about my numbness/pain/swollen hands problem. SHe did some checks and then phoned a Neurologist to see best cause of action (as the numbness might have been caused by an aneurysm or something! Ai Carumba!) She checked to make sure most other things were working properly, and sent me off to get a CT Scan. I'm booked in to see her about the results on Friday. I phoned my mother in case something urgent came up. (Like I really did have an aneurysm). Tom from the Labour Hire company called me. He didn't have any more work for me at present, so not much for me to do for a while. He asked if I wanted him to look around some more for me. I explained about the CT Scan and swelling and stuff, and asked for him to wait till after I'd seen the Doctor on Friday. So have a big day Friday with the Tax and with the Doctor. Went to the CT Scan, and fell asleep a few times during it. I don't think there was much of a problem, as they didn't seem too concerned. They sent me on my way. My mother phoned back. I told her about the CT Scan and what Tom and I had spoken about. I received an e-mail regarding the interview I thought I'd done really well in. They had an internal applicant apply for the role, and as per their company policy, they gave the job to that person! Darn! Missed out again! 4 PM came, and I went and got my mother from my sisters. Had a bit of a yarn with my sister about things. At home. Am planning on getting stuck into study and looking at the trading of the exchange today. My shares are still dropping. Darn it! Maybe I need to sell something short or something. It'll make more money quicker than trying to wait for them to go up! :-)