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04 April, 2005

F@*&ING Bureaucratic Bungling!!!!

Today I was having a nice day until I received a letter from my University. This letter was basically threatening me with expulsion if I didn't pay my General Service Fee (GSF). The problem I have with this letter, is I paid my GSF two weeks ago. I looked at the letter and found they checked a week ago to see if I had payed. Surely they would have it on record that I paid prior to this. Apparently not! I then checked the time. As it was only 4 PM in the Eastern States, there was time to phone and get it sorted out! Nope! Their offices shut at 4 PM. Just missed out. I'd like to jump up and down and swear a lot concerning this, but unfortunately I have a habit of staying rather calm! Dagnammit! Why did I learn to be so polite? I sent of a brief e-mail asking them to check their records, as I have the receipt from the post office in front of me. As I paid via Bill Pay, the payment should have been instantanious. That means they received the payment TWO FRIGGIN' WEEKS AGO!!!!!! Hopefully it is just an oversite or some other simple problem that they can rectify, but I am not paying the GSF a second time because of someone elses incometence! Like normal, I will wait and see the outcome of this, as I am pissed to the max!!! Still, I'll stay calm till I find out exactly what is occurring. There is a part of me that is fuming. Somehow whenever an issue occurs, it somehow always seems to happen to me! @#$^$(^Q#*(#$Q!!!!!!!!! [Cue sad violin music!] This better get resolved, because I don't want to get thrown out of University because of some other idiots mistake!!!!!!!