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27 March, 2005

Scrabble Wabble

Spent some of yesterday and today playing Scrabble with the Mother and Brother Jeff. Liked the first game yesterday. For my second word, I hit two Triple Word Scores and also used all seven letters to score something stupid like 149 points. Added to my first turn score it brought me up to 165. Not bad for two turns. At the end I was well over 300. Beat both of them by more than both their scores added together. :-) Today, one of the games came pretty close. I only won by about 30 points. Still, I broke the 200 mark in every game, so was pleased with myself. Won all three games today. Spent the rest of the day playing Capitalism II and Shogun Total War. Capitalism II I managed to become dominant in all areas in less than 20 years. Spent big, borrowed big, made a big corporation. Funny thing is, I'd been trying that for a few days and wasn't able to do it till today. Did it by saturating one city with Computer goods till I was Retail leader (and Raw Materials leader - I'm always that anyway). Then, just built heaps of factories and farms! Easily done. Shogun, I played my favourite 'Hojo' again. Was doing good on the Expert level a few times, taking over Eastern Japan. Always managed to die in battle though without an heir! Darn. Two of the times it was my own fault though. My Daimyo's Cavalry got down to just him, and because I'd killed he enemy General, I didn't pull him out of battle. You would have thought I'd learnt the first time! :-) Silly me! Kept playing till eventually I got the break I needed. On about the fourth or fifth game, I finally got my resources going good, as well as having a big enough army to stop myself being taken over too easily. Lord Uesugi attacked me almost every game, and everytime I managed to take out Mutsu. Last game, I had strong enough armies to fight off both Takeda and Imagawa. Then it was onto Oda and Mori. The last remnant of Takeda was stil up the Western side of Japan. Then, it was just me and Shimada. I owned most of Japan by this stage, and all of the Eastern part of Japan was really built well, with improvements. (All land with 100% improvement, most with large castles to Citidels and plenty of Dojo's to recruit troups. Especially had famous Dojo's and Cavalry as well as the Temple Complex to make some great Warrior Monks). Feeling pretty ill after all the left overs I've been eating from Jeff's B'day party. I took one of my stomach tablets, but still, I am feeling quite ill. Hope I don't vomit blood or anything. (Common occurance with my stomach anyway. My own fault for eating some yummy chocolate!) My friend Melisa asked me to mention her! Um, yeah Melisa, what you want me to say? hee hee. She was asking about the people in Mexico today. The ones who get crucified to celebrate Easter. Like most people, she can't understand why they do such things. I was more worried about the pictures I saw of them. Reuters had some posted, and the people looked like they were wearing Klan uniforms, with the big pointy hoods and stuff. Some of those people get crucifed every year. I saw some guy getting interviewed one year who'd done it about ten times. I think it's crazy. Jesus already did that for the world, why do it to yourself. Guess it makes great conversation starter at parties. "Hey everyone, want to see the holes in my wrists from Easter!" "Oh no, I broke a nail! Now my hands come free!" "You're lucky, I broke two nails. Both in my hands. Landed flat on my face!" "Wow! That's bad luck. Who would have thought getting crucified would be so painful!" "I was going to get crucified, but didn't like the crowd I was hanging with last year!" "What do you mean this is the Penetance after party? I just came for the Klan meeting!" Hmmm, I'm sure someone will tell me off for making those jokes! Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful easter. (Hoppy Easter!) :-) Don't eat too much chocolate. :-) Go forth and be nice to everyone!