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31 March, 2005

Strange Phenonemon

Last night (or more correctly, this morning) at approximately 1:30 AM, I was awoken by a sensation like someone had grabbed my left foot. No one was in the room, so it was a weird sensation. Immediately, I felt the foot and it was very cold to touch. The right foot was warm. Weird. Of course, it does make me wonder what caused the sensation. If I find out that something happened in the world concerning one of my friends, it will be very strange. After all, was this a normal sensation that can be explained medically, or is it one of those things which is placed in the 'X-files' type folder. Even if something had occurred to one of my friends somewhere at that time, surely it would be a co-incidence. (Unless you are one of these people who doesn't believe in co-incidences!) In fact, I am documenting it here just in case something did happen. I hate it when I try to convince people afterwards of things I experienced. [For instances, the other day I was listening to Crowded House's WoodFace CD and thought something would happen to Paul Hester. A week later he is found dead in a Melbourne Park. Co-incidence, or something psychic? Who knows, but if I told you about it earlier, you might think I had some psychic ability.] Anyway, I told my mother (about the foot grabbing) who immediately thought maybe one of my friends had possibly died. Then she suggested it might have been the ghost of the guy next door who overdosed on illegal drugs. (Previous neighbours were drug users). What would he be doing in our house anyway? I never met the guy, and I am sure the guys ghost wouldn't be wandering around our abode at night. (My mother is a big believer in Ghosts and the Supernatural - see previous post concerning our haunted house!) Then she suggested it was something medical. (Being a skeptical sort of person, I was leaning towards this explaination myself). Only, what causes a sensation like that? My foot was cold to touch, yet I didn't experience any 'pins & needle' sensation that I would expect from a lack of blood flow to the area. (Any Doctors out there who have a clue what can cause a foot grabbing sensation?) My mother also started talking about an apparition she had experienced when in the house. A few months ago, she was awaken and swears a man was standing at the end of the bed in some sort of uniform. She described his top as blue. Today, she revealed to me his pants were brown. I don't know any uniforms where the tops are blue and the pants are brown. Sounds like two different uniforms to me. (And most likely badly co-ordinated at that!) Anyway, I usually put my mother's apparitions down to temporal lobe epilepsy [TLE] (which is the same thing which causes sensations of De Ja Vu). If I can ever find a scientific reason for events or phenomena, I tend to side towards that explanation. I know I had a hard time convincing one of my old flatmates about temporal lobe epilepsy, as she had a theory about what she thought causes De Ja Vu. It's funny, that in spite of all the scientific facts which prove that temporal lobe epilepsy exists, this flatmate used to refer to it as "Your Theory" (meaning My Theory). Her theory was that people suffered from De Ja Vu because they recognised things around them. (For example, you walk into a room you've never been in before, and see a porceline cat on the TV exactly like your Aunties. Then you get the sensation of De Ja Vu). She also didn't think this was a theory, she thought it was a fact because she couldn't see any other logical explanation for the phenomenon. When I pointed out to her that they could give a person a De Ja Vu sensation by zapping their frontal lobes and bringing on a TLE episode, she claimed it wasn't proof of "My Theory". Her reasoning was it didn't take into account "Her Theory". She then tried to use a circular arguement that if someone walked into a room and "recognised things" and it caused De Ja Vu, that it therefore disproves "My Theory". (Hope you all followed that). I then explained that if she substituted "Raining Cat's " into her arguement instead of "walked into the room and recognised things" she'd see how stupid her arguement was. In circular arguments like that, you can substitute anything into the "Causation" part of the proof and prove that anything can cause anything. Her thery was easy to disprove. If I was to walk into a room I've never been in before and recognise something, why don't I get a sensation of De Ja Vu. If the 'recognising things' was the cause of De Ja Vu, we'd get it every time we walked into that same situation. We don't, so there must be something else occurring which brings the sensation on. Also, you can get De Ja Vu in places you FREQUENT! (Yes, you can get De Ja Vu in your own home!) If it's just from recognising things, we'd be in a constant state of De Ja Vu. Why would it only occur sometimes, and not others? Obviously the 'recognising things' criteria is not enough of a theory as it falls apart in the most simplist of situations! Unfortunately, she remained unconvinced. Still to this day she believes that her "Theory" is a "Fact" (in spite of no scientific evidence or experiment to prove her argument). She also still believes that the experiments performed, which induce TLE and bring on the sensation of De Ja Vu, are not proof that TLE has anything to do with it. Like I've said before, "You can't argue with idiots, as idiots can't follow logic."