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30 March, 2005

Todays Thoughts

Is it safer to be a Nietzsche type passive, or to push our boundaries into the unknown in the hope of self actualisation? Nietzsche would probably say that people developed their passive roles because they were safe. Was he incorrect. Was there always part of human society which was always pushing towards examination and improvement of ones lot? Is it not more in human nature to reject the passive role Nietzsche thought we had settled into? After all, a lot of people throughout human history have risen from the ranks of slaves and common stock to change the world. Is it not more true that attempts to box people into roles in society (example Fuedal times) , were just ways to try to preserve a status quo which benefitted those on the top rungs. If so, why hasn't the post-modern human progressed to the point that nobility (in particular Monarchy or lately hero worship) has been disolved altogether? Those places which have thrown Monarchy away, have replaced Nobility with heroes of different sorts. Sports Heroes, Movie Stars, Rock Stars, even Rich Entreuperneurs and politicians. What part of the human psyche needs to beleive that there is someone or something better than ourselves? Is this where religion comes into being? Has this need for "Nobility" / "Heroes" developed as a reflection of a higher hierarchy involving 'God/Gods' or because of a self realisation of our own falability. After all, some people feel that these 'Heroes' are replacing a God shaped void in our lives. Is it more true to believe that when we look at ourselves, we realise that we are imperfect and make mistakes. Due to this, our human nature yearns for improvement. When we reach the self realisation that we will never attain that goal, do when then seek for it in other people. We shape our need for God or our Heroes to provide the perfection we know we will never attain. After all, the Hebrew God came from the God called 'El'. El was the God of perfection. (Look it up if you don't believe me). Is this search for perfection and perfecting ourselves what really separates us from the animals on this planet? With the problems occurring on the planet in genetics, (I'm thinking genotoxins) will the perfection we hope for slowly move out of reach as we slowly destroy ourselves? I'll leave you to think about these things. I'll have a think myself. I can feel another book coming on! :-)