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29 March, 2005

Easy Ways to Scare Ones Self.

Last week I mowed the front yard (as opposed to yesterday when I mowed the back one). When I did the mowing I wore a nice hat to keep the sun off my face. When I hung the hat up, I stuck it on the back of my bedroom door. The funny thing is, my trench coat hangs on the same hook. Together they make a fun silhouette during the night against the white door. (The hat being dark green, the trench coat being black). I've been meaning to move the hat and trench coat, as I keep waking in the night, and seeing the silhouette. The silhouette looks like someone is standing in the door way to my room! Arrrrgh! I keep waking several times and seeing the same thing, with the same thought going through my head. "Oh no! Someone in my room! ... Oh wait, it's just that friggin' hat and trench coat!" Do this a few times in the night, and you get up in the morning feeling like you've had a bit of a work out as the adrenaline gland has had to pump a sudden rush into me several times! This has been going on for the last week, and I keep telling myself that I'm going to move the friggin' hat and coat to somewhere that won't have that effect. Only, by the time I get up in the morning, I've forgotten, and the door is left open, so the hat and coat are out of site. Out of site, out of mind! Easy solution, I'm going to remember to move the hat and coat tonight before going to bed! I hope! :-) My mother on the other hand is terrified, because several prisoners have escaped from the detention centre down the road. The latest one is a double murderer (as well as rapist and other things). Have to lock-up the house extra tight tonight so she doesn't freak out. Something I thought inappropriate was an ad I saw tonight for a news program which is going to a cadaver farm in Perth. I would have thought Australia would have only been big enough for one, and it would be in the Eastern States. This cadaver farm is going to be shown at 6:30 PM tomorrow night. Something which is rather too early for my liking. For those of you who are unsure as to what a cadaver farm is, it's when they take dead bodies and bury them in the ground at different depths and in different conditions to see how fast they decompose. This is mainly done for forensics (such as CSI). It helps Doctor's and Police in their determinations of when a person died under specific conditions and stuff. People actually leave their bodies for this when they die. Personally, I think a time later in the evening might be more appropriate, as children are still watching TV at 6:30 PM, and seeing dead decomposing bodies buried in the ground is not my idea of family viewing. They could have played it later at night when only adults or more mature people would be watching. There is a part of me which is really interested in the type of person who leaves their body for this sort of testing too. I know some leave their bodies for other things, like crash tests and so forth. (Yes, they use dead bodies in crash tests as well). How does someone decide they want this to happen to their body after they are gone? I know for some of them the idea is very much a matter that they are no longer using the body, so it might as well go towards saving lives. Still, the thought of my dead carcase being buried in some weird location and allowed to rot is not my idea of how I'd like my body used. (As opposed to it just rotting in a cemetary somewhere!) I think these people are very admiral to allow their ex-bodies to be used this way. Still, I get a feeling that I couldn't do it, as I'd feel somehow they were disrespecting my body. Like I said though, it's a choice of two things - rotting in a cemetary or rotting in a cadaver farm and people benefiting from the scientific information they can get from it. The second is obviously a more logical choice, yet emotionally it is like a brick wall to me. Of course, having them use my body to drive a car into a wall doesn't offend me as much. Yet, still I don't think I could leave it to the cadaver farm. Strange. Why am I not as emotionally offended by the car sceanario as I am by the rotting in a cadaver farm? Maybe it's because I think the car one will be cleaner and I can still get a good burial for my body afterwards. Still, it might be a good thing for people to think about before they die. That way their body might be put to good use after they stopped using it (along with organ donation).