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28 March, 2005

Too Damn Sick

Wow! I've been too damn sick lately. Mowed the back lawn today, and even though I wore a mask, my allergy to grass has wiped me out for the day. So little that I can do in this state. So exhausted. Might have to take a trip to see the Doctor again to see if I can get some sort of anti-histamines to block everything. Might get another blood test done. Yesterday I was pretty sick too. Might be the change in the weather. Rained all yesterday and thunderstorms last night. Still hot as hell though. In the high 30 degrees celcius range. Easter Monday today, so everything is shut. Stock market opens again tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing if everything keeps falling. Just need to wait till it turns and get a stack of Call Options written. Of course, it will depend on Wall St and that in US. If they keep falling, then ASX will keep falling. So, I'll wait till the US turns (and it looks like it will continue up), then will place the call option writes in place. Not sure if I should gamble a put option, as I'm sure this fall is only for a short while. A Put option might backfire. Anyway, lets not talk shop. Back to talking fun and games. Hmmm ... haven't won at all today. Played Shogun total war, but keep getting myself killed. Need a safer stategy. Admittedly, I wasn't fighting my own battles today, but letting the computer automatically do it. Might have to replay it and do it myself. Due to allergies playing up, I'm taking the night off. Might watch 'Myth Busters' (one of my favoourite shows. I sent in some 'Historical Myths' for them to check out. I think I wrote about them earlier. Will check on a day when I am not exhausted. (Yeah, I'm too exhausted to read my own blog! Blah!) Oh well. Looking forward to getting up tomorrow with some energy, and ready to check what the market is up to.