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25 March, 2005

Dead Tiger Snake View Two

Dead Tiger Snake (view Two) Here is a better view of the tiger snake. My brother Jeff took both of the pictures. This picture clearly shows the slice it received which killed it. It was probably out looking around for some nice rats or something from the nearby creek. We've had unusually hot weather for this time of year. It should be a lot colder and the snakes should already be heading underground to hibernate for the winter. Of course, I am going to see this as a good omen, with it being the year of the rooster and me being a snake. An evil neighbour chucking a snake on our front lawn as an attempt to drive us out (The other night someone chucked a Bundy Rum and Cola bottle at the house. A lot of lower class idiots in the neighbourhood, and some other very nice people. A mix of thugs and normal people I think.) Anyway, just waiting for the next snake or horses head on our door step! :-)